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  1. Cover picture, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny looking very serious
  2. Full page picture of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny
  3. X-Files stars (Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Deep Throat, X, Maria)
  4. X-Files stars (Samantha, Lone Gunmen, Jeremiah, CSM, Ratboy, Manicured Man)
  5. Gillian Anderson and David Duchnovy, from the index page
  6. Gillian Anderson and Dennis Franz at the Emmy Awards
Vancouver Province says David Duchovny is all wet!! (October 16, 1997)
Letters to The Province as a result of the above article (October 17, 1997)
David Duchovny is barred from Vancouver strip club (October 20, 1997)
Newspaper ad connected with the above (Vancouver Province, October 20, 1997).
Publicity stunt re David Duchovny's weather whining goes awry (Vancouver Province) (October 21, 1997)
Publicity stunt re David Duchovny's weather whining goes awry (Vancouver Sun) (October 21, 1997)
Cartoon from Vancouver Sun (October 22, 1997) about the David Duchovny weather flap.
Interview with Nicholas Lea (Alex "Ratboy" Krycek) (Vancouver Sun) (December 2, 1997)
"The truth is in here" -- several feature articles (Vancouver Province) (February 8, 1998)
Wiil X-Files stay with addition of young Vancouver actor? (Vancouver Sun) (February 10, 1998)
Article on William Gibson and his X-Files episode "Kill Switch" (Vancouver Sun) (February 14, 1998)
Interview with David Duchovny (Vancouver Sun) (February 17, 1998)
Max Wyman writes of his experience as an X-Files extra (Vancouver Sun) (February 28, 1998)
X-Files creator bids B.C. sad adieu (Vancouver Sun) (March 30, 1998)
X-files' exit doesn't mean dark time for B.C. industry (Vancouver Sun) (March 31, 1998)
It was X-citing, it was X-ellent (Vancouver Province) (March 31, 1998)
The X-Files Vancouver/L.A. frequent flyers (Vancouver Province) (March 31, 1998)
The Gillian Files (Vancouver Sun) (April 18, 1998)
X-files chief Goodwin not moving (Vancouver Sun) (April 20, 1998)
My night as an X-Files X-tra (Vancouver Province) (April 23, 1998)
X-Files bids Vancouver a tearful farewell (Vancouver Sun) (May 16, 1998)
Director of photography Joel Ransom ponders his X-Files future (Vancouver Sun) (May 18, 1998)
Duchovny raps media (Vancouver Sun) (June 10, 1998)
William Davis, TV's most beloved bad guy (Vancouver Province) (February 7, 1999)
Four interviews from CBC radio:
November 19, 1994 RealTime interview with Gillian Anderson.
March 16, 1996 RealTime interview with Gillian Anderson.
X-Files fans on The Afternoon Show (including me!).
Chris Carter interviewed on The Gabereau Show.
Gillian Anderson:
Gillian Anderson interview, from CBC TV's Midday.
Gillian Anderson interview -- Steve Wright's People Show on BBC1.
Gillian Anderson on the Australian Midday Show.
Gillian Anderson on IRC after her RealTime appearance Sept. 21, 1996.
Article on Gillian Anderson from The Philadelphia Enquirer.
Report on Gillian Anderson's appearance at the Los Angeles X-Files Convention.
Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter meet the press, taking a break from the XF movie.
Gillian Anderson in Australia:
Aussie news coverage of Gillian Anderson's Australian visit.
Gillian Anderson arrives in Australia (June 1996, from Aussie newspaper)
Gillian Anderson greets mob of fans in Sydney, Australia (from Aussie newspaper)
Gillian Anderson pictures from Sydney, Australia Sunday Telegraph: (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)
Chris Carter:
An interview with Chris Carter from Sci-Fi Entertainment magazine.
Vancouver Sun interview with Chris Carter, info about the 4th season (July 25th, 1996).
Articles about The X-Files in general:
Vision Quest, an article about The X-Files from Reel West magazine.
From Saturday Night magazine, Closing The X-Files (not very complimentary!).
From the Vancouver Sun: "The X-Files - the truth isn't in there"
Some Pictures:
The Aussie Rolling Stone picture with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter in bed! REVISED!
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in bed with David Duchovny's dog Blue -- #1, #2, #3, #4 REVISED!
The Aussie Rolling Stone cover -- large size and in colour!
Outstanding picture of Gillian Anderson from TV Guide.
New book on Gillian Anderson, "Mulder, It's Me" -- front cover
Back cover from "Mulder, It's Me", Gillian Anderson embraces David Duchovny
Picture of David Duchovny in a tank top (from Canadian TV Guide)
David Duchovny in sex scenes (PG)
Gillian Anderson topless in "The Turning" -- photos from Australian "People" tabloid, January 17, 1996 NEW!
Sensational picture of Gillian Anderson in a leopard skin bikini from Aussie tabloid
Picture of Gillian Anderson arriving in Australia (EXCLUSIVE!)
Gillian Anderson and her daughter Piper at Balmoral, Sydney, Australia in June, 1996.
Gillian Anderson and her ex-husband Clyde Klotz.
Gillian Anderson and her ex-husband Clyde Klotz in their daughter Piper's bedroom (Piper is not present).
Photos from The Globe tabloid (May 28, 1996) of Gillian Anderson and her daughter Piper in Italy.
The Blooper Reels:
The X-Files Blooper Reel Contents (Season One)
The X-Files Blooper Reel Contents (Season Two)
David Duchovny's father speaks out: "I don't understand my son at all."
Vancouver Sun interview with Dean Haglund (Langly).
Vancouver Sun article on Fran Levin, X-Files makeup artist.
Vancouver Sun article on Toby Lindala, X-Files makeup artist.
Amanda Tapping, the woman who slept with Skinner!