A right wing militia organization known as The Right Hand and lead by Denny Markham, organizes a POW rescue mission to Vietnam and rescues Sergeant Nathaniel J. Teager. Several other prisoners, however, are left behind. Teager is brought back to the United States in a cargo plane. In order to preserve the secret of POWs still in Vietnam, government commandos board the plane in San Diego. Teager, however, disappears. Mulder later concludes that Teager has learned how to cause himself to be invisible to people, similar to how Viet Cong soldiers sometimes seemed to appear and disappear. This would also be similar to the radio drama series The Shadow, in which the hero had learned in the orient how to "cloud men's minds" and seem invisible. (Unrequited)

Sometime in 1995, June Gerwich moves out of the house she had shared with Bo Merkle in Mississippi. (Trevor)

Sometime in 1995, New York City police detective John Doggett graduates from the FBI Academy and assumes the position of FBI Special Agent, Criminal Investigation. (Within)

Sometime in 1995, college professor Joseph Kobold publishes a monograph on the influence of Satan on Renaissance thinking. Between 1995 and 2001, Kobold will be committed to the Chessman Memorial mental institution in West Virginia for luring several college girls into his home, killing them, grinding up their bodies and using them to fertilize his garden. (Daemonicus)

Sometime in 1995, Irwin Timothy Lukesh suffers a mental breakdown and is temporarily placed in a mental hospital. He is later released and discovers that he has gained the ability to move between two parallel worlds. The nagging of his invalid mother causes him to begin committing murders in the alternate world, cutting out women's toungues with a straight razor and feeding them to his mother, telling her it is "potted meat." (4-D)

January 16, 1995

Die Hand Die Verleitz. The school board in Milford Haven, New Hampshire is run by inept devil worshipers who are taken to task by the devil for neglecting their faith. The substitute teacher, Mrs. Phyllis N. Paddock, appears to be a tool of the devil. Teenager Shannon Ullsbury claims to have repressed memories of being forced to participate in satanic rituals. She dies when Mrs. Paddock uses a spell on her. Shannon's step-father, Jim Ullsbury, dies mysteriously after confessing to Mulder. The remaining school board members die in a murder-suicide and Mrs. Paddock disappears, leaving the message "Good bye. It's been nice working with you" on the chalkboard. (Date taken from check-out date of book from Library, presumably the day of the murder.)

??? 1995

Fresh Bones. A Marine Colonel practices voodoo in Folkstone, North Carolina, at a processing center for Haitian refugees.

Jan 20, 1995 - 04 February 1995

Colony. A research vessel in the Beaufort Sea near the Arctic Circle sees a UFO crash into the water. Investigating, they find a man who they believe to be a Russian pilot, who is also known by fans as the Bounty Hunter. He is transported to a medical facility where he promptly disappears. At an abortion clinic in Scranton, PA, a doctor hears the news report of the Russian pilot and recognizes the man's face. the doctor runs down the hall in fear, but the Bounty Hunter is there and stabs him in the back of the neck with a weapon similar to an ice pick. The blood oozes out green and fizzy. The Bounty Hunter burns the clinic.

Mulder has received three obituaries via the Internet for men in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. All worked in abortion clinics and all looked identical. A fundamentalist minister has been arrested for the arson of the clinic and he is carrying a newspaper ad with a picture of one of the three identical dead men with the headline "do you know this man?" At the newspaper the agents finds that there is a voice mail box associated with the account. It provides tips to other similar looking men. The closest is in Syracuse, NY. While en route, the agents contact Syracuse FBI agent Weiss, who goes to the man's home where he sees the man arguing with the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter says, "your plan will not succeed." The man is killed and begins dissolving. Weiss fires his gun at the Bounty Hunter. The wounds ooze green fizz and a noxious gas and Weiss is overcome. Later, Mulder and Scully arrive and meet Weiss near the dead man's home. Weiss claims that nobody was home. When Mulder and Scully walk off to investigate the property, we see that the real Weiss is dead in the trunk of Weiss' car and the Bounty Hunter has transformed himself to look like Weiss.

Back in Washington, Mulder is called into Skinner's office. Weiss has been found dead. Another e-mail arrives describing one of the identical men, this time living right in the Washington D.C. area. Mulder and Scully are encountered by Ambrose Chapel, who claims to be a CIA agent. He has been the one sending the information to the agents. He claims that early in the cold war the Soviets learned to clone people in a program called Gregor. Several of the Gregor clones arrived in the US in the mid-70s, intended to be moles to sabotage medical services in time of war. In a secret agreement, someone in government is allowing the Gregors to be systematically killed. Chapel claims he placed the "do you know this man" ads in order to find the Gregors and prevent their murder. This latest Gregor sees Mulder, Scully and Chapel arrive at his apartment building. A woman who is with him hides in another room. AS soon as the Gregor seen Chapel at his door, he runs and jumps out a window, falling several stories. Not injured, he gets up and runs again, with the agents returning to the street to chase him. Chapel corners him first in a dark alley and it becomes clear that Chapel is the Bounty Hunter. Mulder is hit by a car and has the wind knocked out of him. When Scully catches up with Chapel, Chapel claims that the Gregor has escaped, however we see green ooze in the dark alley.

Back at their office, Mulder and Scully discuss the case. Mulder doesn't believe Chapel. There is no clear cause of death for Weiss, but his blood seems to have thickened. Meanwhile Mulder receives word that his father has been trying to reach him. Calling home, Mulder is surprised that in spite of their divorce, his mother is at his father's home. Fox is asked to come home to Martha's Vineyard. Meanwhile, Scully finds the address where the missing Gregor worked -- a warehouse. Entering it she finds a series of vats filled with yellow-green fluid. She sees Chapel inside the building, destroying the equipment. Scully returns home, believing herself to be in danger, but she cannot reach her partner. Mulder arrives at his father's big home in West Tisbury and is told that his sister has returned. Samantha claims that she was returned at age 9 or 10 and was raised by a family, but had no memory of her real family. She eventually was treated for anxiety and learned of her history during hypnotic regression. It becomes clear that her adopted father was also a Gregor and the bounty Hunter has been sent to kill them. They are all in danger. She explain that the bounty Hunter can morph.

Scully leaves word for Mulder that she cannot stay at home and will be at a motel in Germantown, MD. She travels by bus, and unknown to her the Bounty Hunter is on the bus with her. She returns to the Gregor's warehouse and everything has been destroyed. It turns out that there are three Gregors there and she convinces them to go into protective custody, but the Bounty Hunter later uses disguise to enter the jail where they are held. When Scully finally checks into the motel, the clerk forgets to give her a message from Mulder. Later, Mulder arrives at her door and a moment later the phone rings. It is also Mulder on the phone. One is an imposter, the Bounty Hunter. To be continued.

End Game. In the Beaufort Sea, 87 miles north of Deadhorse, Alaska, the nuclear submarine USS Allegiance is cruising under the arctic ice when they locate the crashed UFO. Instructions from base order the allegiance to destroy the craft, but before they can fire torpedoes, the sub loses power. the Captain orders the sub to surface, but they are under 32 feet of glacial ice.

At the motel, Scully claims the call from Mulder was a wrong number but soon pulls a gun on the Bounty Hunter, who is disguised as Mulder. He attacks her, asking "where is he?" and morphs into his original appearance. When Mulder and Samantha arrive the Bounty Hunter and Scully are gone. Samantha says the Bounty Hunter wants to kill her and that he will call to arrange a trade of Scully for Samantha. At Mulder's apartment, he pressures Samantha for more details. She claims that the Gregors are the progeny of two original visitors -- clones attempting to establish a colony since the 1940s. They believe that our stewardship of the planet is being forsaken and that they will soon become the natural heirs. In the meantime they have been using hybridization of human and alien DNA to eliminate their identical nature. But the experiments were not sanctioned and the Bounty Hunter was dispatched to terminate the colony., all according to Samantha. Skinner comes to the door and Samantha senses that he is not the Bounty Hunter. Scully calls -- she is being held by the Bounty Hunter who wants to exchange her for the woman in Mulder's company in one hour. Skinner agrees to help and arranges a sniper near the bridge where Mulder and Samantha meet the Bounty Hunter. The exchange is made. Samantha attempts to stab the Bounty Hunter in the back of the neck but he disarms her. "Tell me where she is," he demands of Samantha. The sniper fires at the Bounty Hunter but does not kill him. He and Samantha fall into the river.

The next morning, divers are searching the river near the bridge. Mulder is convinced that the woman really was Samantha and goes off to tell his father. Bill Mulder visits his son's apartment and Fox confesses that he has lost Samantha again. "Do you know what losing her again is going to do to your mother?" asks Bill, not at all sensitive to his son's anguish. Bill leaves an envelope that Samantha left for Fox. Inside is the address of a Rockville, MD, abortion clinic and a note saying that if they are separated he should meet her there. As he walks up to the clinic, Scully calls his cell phone and says that Samantha's body has been found. After the phone call ends, Scully sees the body fizz green and collapse. Mulder enters the clinic which at first seems to be abandoned. but in the basement he finds a woman who looks just like Samantha working at a tank of yellow-green fluid. "She's dead, isn't she?" the woman asks. She is obviously a clone, and Mulder soon meets three others. They say that protecting "the one from which we all came," is the important thing, although it is not clear if this is one of them. Mulder chooses to not believe them and walk out, even though one claims to know where the real Samantha is. The bounty Hunter arrives and knocks Mulder unconscious.

Firemen evacuate Mulder from the clinic. There are no other people in the building. He is eventually treated and released from a hospital. Scully prepares her report -- it must remain incomplete. Weiss' body was apparently subjected to a retrovirus that caused his blood to thicken by producing massive amounts of red blood cells. Scully learns that this is apparently an immune system response to the virus, which can be controlled by reducing the temperature five degrees. Meanwhile, Mulder meets his source "X" who describes the submarine being disabled by the Bounty Hunter's craft. An attack fleet was dispatched from Anchorage that morning to make sure the pilot doesn't leave. Scully goes to Mulder's apartment and finds him gone. He left e-mail for him saying that he will not let her jeopardize her life and her career by following him. She asks Skinner for help -- even unofficial channels, but he tells her he cannot help. She places the "X" of masking tape on Mulder's window to summon "X" who arrives, but leaves as soon as he sees that Mulder is not there. Skinner accosts X in the elevator and they fight. Skinner appears at Mulder's door and tells Scully that Mulder took a commercial flight to Tacoma, WA, then a military flight to Deadhorse, Alaska. He used his FBI credentials to charter a rolligon.

As Mulder nears the coordinates apparently given top him by X, he finds the conning tower of a submarine sticking through the ice. He boards the ship and finds only one man alive, hiding. He says he is a lieutenant and that the Bounty Hunter killed all the others on the ship. Mulder realizes that he is the Bounty Hunter and holds his gun to the base of the man's neck. As he uses handcuffs to connect the two of them together, the Bounty Hunter bolts and attacks Mulder, who keeps pleading "tell me how to find my sister." "She's alive -- can you die now?" the Bounty Hunter asks. Mulder shoots the Bounty Hunter and is distressed by the noxious gas that emerges from the wounds. The Bounty Hunter shoves Mulder out a hatch, which snaps the chain of the handcuff when the hatch slams shut on the chain. Mulder barely escapes as the submarine sinks into the sea.

In scenes seen both at the beginning of Colony and at the end of End Game, Mulder is found by a Navy recon team and brought to a hospital facility by helicopter. His heart is stopped and he has hypothermia, so the doctors place him in a vat of warm water to raise his body temperature. Scully bursts into the emergency room and demands that they remove him from the water bath. She says he has been exposed to a retrovirus and the only think keeping him alive is his reduced body temperature. Mulder is removed from the water and his heart started by electric shock. Intensive transfusions and antiviral drugs pull him through. He wakes up to find Scully at his bedside. "Did you find what you were looking for?" she asks. "No," he answers. "But I found something I thought I'd lost -- faith to keep looking."

Note: Mulder's Global Positioning System receiver indicated February 3, 1995. After the opening scene, previewing the final scenes of End Game, the text indicated that Colony began two weeks earlier.

Circa Feb. 20, 1995

Dr. Chester Banton is accidentally exposed to dark matter, and is not seen by his business associates for weeks. (Soft Light)

February 15, 1995

Humbug. In Gibsonton, Florida, Mulder and Scully investigate 48 deaths over two decades, traced to a group of circus sideshow. It turns out the culprit is a Siamese twin that can disconnect from its twin. (Date on The Conundrum's check is only partially visible -- February 2?, along with a mention about paying the rent early. A full moon occurred during this episode. Reader Edgar Governo sends the information that the only full moon in February 1995 occurred on the 15th. By the 22nd, it was already the last quarter. Conundrum must pay his rent very early, and maybe post date his checks.)

??? 1995

Fearful Symmetry. An invisible elephant, escaped from the Fairfield Idaho Zoo, near Boise, goes on a rampage, causing Mulder and Scully to investigate. Mountain Home AFB is not far away, which the Lone Gunmen say is a UFO hot spot. This would also put them not far from Ellens AFB, mentioned in Deep Throat as being in southwest Idaho. They meet Sophie, a lowland gorilla capable of speaking sign language who is "afraid of the light." It turns out the animals have been abductees, for impregnation and harvesting of the tissue.

March 12, 1995

Dod Kalm. At 65 degrees north latitude, 8 degrees east longitude, the US Navy destroyer escort USS Ardent has an encounter with a glowing underwater object, and the crew discovers itself be aging rapidly. They desert, and are found a few hours later by the Canadian fishing vessel Lizette. All 18 survivors appear to be about 90 years old. Mulder believes this event is an extension of the Philadelphia Experiment, of 1947.

When he and Scully board the Ardent, still in the north Atlantis, it appears to have been derelict for decades. Mulder and Scully begin aging, because of a contamination in the ship's water supply. Scully tells Mulder about meeting her father while she was unconscious (In One Breath) and that she is sure there is nothing to fear after death.

They are rescued just before death from old age, apparently by a helicopter (based on the orange flight suit of the rescuer). Dialysis and treatment with synthetic hormones helps them to de-age. The USS Ardent sinks. Note: Mulder gets seasick, and comments that it is lucky Scully inherited her father's legs -- sea legs. (Date taken from Scully log entry.)

March 17, 1995

Soft Light mentions a death on this date, with Mulder and Scully brought in several days later.

??? 1995

The Calusari. Mulder and Scully investigate the death of an Arlington, Virginia two year old who has an American father and a Romanian mother. When the father is later killed, an ash appears that has no organic or inorganic components-- supposedly the result in the presence of spirit beings, or during bilocation, when a person's energy is transported to a different location. Older brother, nine year old Charlie appears possessed, but it is really his evil twin, Michael, who died at birth. Mulder eventually helps a group of Romanian elders exorcise Charlie.

The elders say they are dealing with an evil that has always been present, as Cain, Lucifer and Hitler, that now knows Mulder and Scully.

In this episode, Scully calls in an FBI social worker, Karen Kosseff, the psychiatric social worker Scully saw in Irresistible, when she visited the Employee Assistance office.

??? 1995

F. Emasculata. In the Guanacaste Rain Forest of Costa Rica, Dr. Robert Torrence of the Biodiversity Project is infected by a beetle. Subsequently inmates in a prison are secretly infected by an extremely contagious disease, but two escape. Mulder and Scully are called in to help capture them. It is established that Pink Pharmaceuticals, a huge drug company, is conducting unethical research via this means.

March 31, 1995

Soft Light. Mulder and Scully are called to Richmond, Virginia, by Scully's former student, Kelly Ryan, who has just been promoted to detective, to investigate the death of an executive of Morley Tobacco Company. The man, Patrick Neuharth, apparently was totally incinerated, leaving only a small burn mark on the floor of his hotel room. In fact, research scientist Dr. Chester Banton, at Polarity Magnetics, has been exposed to dark matter with the unusual side effect that any living thing touching his shadow gets reduced into component atoms. Conspiracy forces, lead by X, attempt to kidnap Banton, but fail when all but X step on his shadow. After Banton's shadow kills Ryan, X captures Banton and the Conspiracy has his memory unreeled for study. (Date given by Mulder for Neuharth's death.)

??? 1995

Our Town. Mulder and Scully discover that much of the town of Dudley, Arkansas, has been engaging in cannibalism, as taught the practices of New Guinea by 92 year old Walter Chaco. One victim has the deadly Creutzfeldt-Jakob prion disease that can be transmitted by contact between cells. 27 people in Dudley eventually contract the condition. Scully is taken captive by the cannibals and almost beheaded, but is rescued by Mulder. Ten weeks before this episode, Agriculture Department inspector George Kearns is lured into the forest by Paula Gray and killed for a cannibal ceremony. Paula herself dies during the episode, shot by the county sheriff when she takes the chicken processing plant floor manager hostage while under the effects of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

April 9, 1995

Anasazi. A Navaho youth finds a metal object underground and discover bodies inside that appear to be alien. He is a member of the family of elder Albert Hosteen. Meanwhile, a computer hacker breaks into the "MJ Documents," triggering government executives of many countries, including the Cigarette Smoking Man, to react. The Lone Gunmen warn Mulder that an international commando "black" organization is trying to recover the materials from their friend, who they call "The Thinker." Lone Gunmen call the commando group "Garnet." While they talk, a neighbor woman unaccountably shoots and kills her husband. Mulder obtains the tape from The Thinker, who believes it to be the original Defense Department file on UFOs. The computer file, on a DAT tape, turns out to be written in Navaho. Scully recognizes the Navaho text and takes the text to a language specialist. Navaho was used during World War II because it was a code the Japanese could not break. Mulder has not been sleeping well and gets into a scuffle with Skinner when asked about possibly receiving sensitive material.

Scully is called in to testify on Mulder's assault on Skinner. The Cigarette Smoking Man pays a call on Bill Mulder on Martha's Vinyard. They clearly had an agreement that the Smoking Man would never visit or seek him out, but the Smoking Man says that was a long time ago and this business is pressing. He explains that Bill Mulder's name may be found in the MJ documents, and encourages him to "Deny Everything." Bill complains that the files should have been destroyed. The Cigarette Smoking Man says he is protecting Fox Mulder.

Scully finds Mulder at home -- he is running a fever. She lied about knowing about the files and wants assurance that she is doing the right thing. Mulder doesn't know why he attacked Skinner. He puts an "x" in the window to summon the man known as X. William Mulder calls his son to Martha's Vineyard. In Mulder's apartment a rifle shot comes through the window, barely missing Scully. Arriving at his father's home, Mulder's father tells him that the choices made in he past seemed complicated then but are clear now, and he regrets them now. He encourages his son to not give in, and tells him he will learn the meaning of the important words "the Merchandise." Bill then is killed by Alex Krycek, who is hiding in the bathroom. His final words ask forgiveness from his son, although for exactly what remain unclear.

[In this episode, Fox seems shocked that his father might have been part of the conspiracy Fox is chasing, even though in 1989 former FBI agent Arthur Dale told Fox that Bill Mulder was involved. Does this mean Mulder did not believe Dale? (Travelers)]

Mulder comes to Scully's apartment where she puts him to bed because he has a temperature of 102. On April 14, Mulder awakes, but Scully is gone, having a ballistic test done on his gun. By phone, Mulder verbally abuses Scully. Scully discovers that Fox has been drugged with a psychoactive agent in his apartment water system. Mulder ignores a disciplinary hearing. Mulder catches Krycek lurking outside his building and Scully is forced to shoot Mulder, grazing him on the shoulder, to keep him from killing Krycek. She drugs Mulder and takes him to Farmington, New Mexico. He wakes up on April 16 (apparently in a motel). Albert Hosteen is with them -- he was a Navaho code talker during World War II. The MJ documents, translated by Albert, mention an international conspiracy and mention experimentation by Axis scientists in the US after World War II. Scully is shaken that her name is also in the documents, mentioned in connection with tests. Scully must return to Washington because she missed a hearing and may be in disciplinary trouble.

Albert takes Mulder home -- he feels that Mulder is prepared to accept the truth. He tells Mulder about the Anasazi, the "ancient aliens" who once lived in the Southwest. Albert feels they were abducted, "by visitors who come here still." Mulder is taken to the quarry where the boxcar is buried. The Smoking Man phones Mulder's cell phone as Mulder approaches the boxcar. He warns Mulder not to take his father's words seriously and says "expose anything and you only expose your father." The Smoking Man enters a helicopter to fly to the quarry. Entering through a hatch in the roof, he finds it is an old refrigeration car, filled with piles of bodies, all looking alien. Mulder phones Scully. The files refer to human experiment subjects referred to as The Merchandise, she tells him. In spite of the alien appearance of the bodies, they have smallpox vaccination scars, so apparently are human victims of experimentation.

The helicopter approaches but the troopers on board cannot find Mulder. The Smoking Man orders "Burn it" and a satchel charge is thrown into the boxcar. It explodes and the car is engulfed in flame. To be continued.....(Anasazi)

The Blessing Way. Albert Hosteen provides an opening narration -- there is an old Indian saying that something survives only as long as someone remembers it. There are those who are trying to withhold the truth. Troops lead by the Cigarette Smoking Man break into Albert's home, looking for Mulder. The Smoking Man is almost frantic to find the tape. Scully returns to Albert's home and when she hears his story she goes to the quarry. Later, as she drives at night, a helicopter stops her car and troops pull her out of the car at gunpoint. They find Albert's translations in the trunk of her car and also demand the DAT tape, but she says Mulder has it, after which they leave.

Back in Washington, the board of review suspends Scully from duty, without pay or benefits. She surrenders her gun and her badge, saying that as far as she knows, Mulder is dead. She goes to the X-Files office and looks in a hiding place, but the tape is not there. On 46th Street in New York, the Consortium meets. The Smoking Man reports that the matter has been contained and the minor problem in the FBI will soon be solved. He reports Mulder as dead, and claims that the DAT tape has been recovered.

Scully apparently has no transportation available and is forced to walk to her mother's house, barefoot for part of the way because her shoes begin to give her blisters. She is ashamed to have been suspended. Meanwhile, Albert Hosteen and his family see buzzards flying over the quarry, as if waiting for something to die. They find Mulder under some rocks -- apparently he found some sort of tunnel out of the boxcar and escaped the fire. There are also alien-like bodies in the opening in the ground. Albert knows that death, from exposure to the intense heat, is near for Mulder and attempts to call holy spirits to save Mulder's life in a ritual known as "The Blessing Way." The songs and prayers must be done exactly in order to summon the "holy people." He is afraid that Mulder does not have the will to live.

We see Mulder, as if in a vision, surrounded by spirits. The spirit of Deep Throat comes forward and speaks to Mulder about the afterlife, encouraging him to return to life. He says in the afterlife Mulder would know the truth, but there would be no justice. We then see the deaths of the bodies in the boxcar, from hydrogen cyanide gas. Bill Mulder comes forward to address his son. He hoped to broker fate with Mulder's life. The lies he told were a poison to his soul, and he is ashamed of the choices he made when Fox was just a boy. If Fox dies now, the truth will die with him. He says Samantha is not there with the spirits.

Scully is at home late at night when Frohike comes to call. He has been drinking and wants to share his loss. He says the torch has been passed to Scully, but she tells him about her suspension. He, in turn, tells her that The Thinker has been killed, execution style, after Mulder disappeared. Scully enters the FBI through the civilian lobby entrance. When she goes through the metal detector, she is surprised that the detector does off. The guard, however, knows her and waves her through. Scully asks Skinner to have a ballistics test done on the slug that killed The Thinker to see if it was the same weapon that killed Bill Mulder. Skinner has been asked to execute a search warrant at Scully's apartment to look for the DAT tape. When she leaves Skinner's office, the Smoking Man enters. As she leaves the building, Scully steps through the metal detector again, and "the wand" finds metal in the back of her neck. X-Rays detect a fragment of metal in the back of her neck.

The Blessing Way ceremony continues for three days, at the end of which Mulder opens his eyes and asks for water. He is given a ritual bath and food, and Albert senses a rebirth in him. The metal is removed from Scully's neck and it appears to be a computer chip. Her sister, Melissa, encourages her to use hypnotic regression to learn how the chip got there. She goes to Dr. Mark Pomerantz. She remembers her abduction -- there were men, a light and loud sounds, including some kind of alarm. She was powerless and could not resist them...but she wakes up with a start. As she arrives home, she observes Skinner leaving her apartment. Meanwhile, Mulder is released from the ceremony and is given a leather "medicine bag" pouch containing sunflower seeds.

Scully phones Skinner who denies that he was at her apartment, lieing to her because the Smoking Man is in his office. That night, Scully dreams that Mulder is speaking to her, assuring her that he is alive. At Bill Mulder's burial, Scully introduces herself to Teena Mulder and tells Teena that she has a strong feeling that Fox is still alive. The Well Manicured Man is there and approaches Scully. He says he is a member of a Consortium that has various interests that are threatened by the DAT tape. He warns her that she may be killed, possibly someone close to her who she trusts. They are ready to kill her because they are convinced that she does not have a copy of the tape. He feels that her death would attract too much attention. "We feel that the best way to predict the future is to invent it." This causes Scully to distrust Skinner.

Mulder goes to his mother's home and asks her to remember. She resists remembering and claims to not know. Finally she admits that sometimes brought other men home with him -- men who can be seen in an old picture Mulder shows her. Melissa phones Scully and agrees to come over and keep her sister company. Immediately after that call, the phone rings again and no one is on the line. Scully calls Melissa back, leaving a message on her answering machine telling Melissa to stay home and Dana will come to her home. As Scully heaves her apartment building, Skinner pulls up and asks Scully to get in so they can go somewhere safe and talk. Scully is mistrustful, but gets in knowing that she has a hidden gun. They go to Mulder's apartment but once inside she pulls the gun on Skinner. Melissa arrives at her sister's apartment and is killed by two assassins -- Krycek and another man -- who mistake her for Dana. Skinner claims to Scully that he has the DAT tape in his pocket. When the doorknob turns, Scully is distracted, Skinner pulls his gun and they face each other down. To be continued...

Paper Clip. Albert narrates that to the Navaho the stories passed from one generation to another are important and tells that when Mulder was healed, another tribe reported that a sacred white buffalo calf was born, a powerful omen that great changes are coming.

Mulder bursts into his apartment as Scully and Skinner are holding their weapons on each other and the situation diffuses. Skinner produces the DAT tape. Mulder says the Smoking Man killed his father for that tape. Skinner says the tape is the only leverage they have to bring these men to justice. Mulder and Scully leave Skinner in the apartment. Maggie Scully rushes into the hospital -- Melissa just got out of surgery with a gunshot wound to the head. The Lone Gunmen examine the 1973 photographs and identify Victor Klemper, who conducted terrible experiments on Jewish prisoners. Bill Mulder is also in the picture. They tell Mulder and Scully about Operation Paperclip, that brought NAZI scientists to America where they worked on the space program. Frohike arrives -- he just heard the police radio call about Melissa. Scully rushes off but Mulder convinces her that if "they" are trying to kill Dana, the hospital is the first place they would look.

The members of the Consortium meet and critisize the shooting of Melissa as a bungled operation. The Well Manicured Man demands to see the DAT tape, and the Smoking Man promises to have it at their meeting the next day. Mulder and Scully visit Victor Klemper. Klemper recognizes the name Mulder but doesn't want to discuss history. He says "they" would kill anyone if it were in the best interests of their work. All he will tell them is that the photo was taken at the Strughold Mining Company in West Virginia. After they leave, Klemper phones the Well Manicured Man, revealing that Mulder is alive.

Albert Hosteen arrives at Melissa's hospital room saying he has been asked to come (although it is never clear who asked him) and help Melissa, and that Dana is very sorry she cannot be there. He asks permission to pray over her. Mulder and Scully arrive at the abandoned West Virginia mine. Inside they find a series of locked doors. They gain entrance to one. In a tunnel Mulder and Scully find an apparently endless row of filing cabinets containing standard medical records. Each contains a standard tissue sample container. They look for a file on Dana and find it -- containing a recent tissue sample. (Scully knows it is recent because the container is plastic.) Samantha's file also contains a recent tissue sample, although this fact is not mentioned in the dialogue. Mulder discovers that under the file folder label bearing Samantha's name is one with his own name on it. He suspects that he was originally intended to be abducted. Suddenly the lights go out. Mulder rushes outside and sees a huge UFO. In the tunnel, Scully encounters a group of short, large headed beings who rush past her in the dark. The UFO flys off as Mulder watches but Scully does not see it.

Several cars that look like government fleet vehicles drive up to the mine and men get out, firing weapons at Mulder as he runs from them. Mulder and Scully find a back way out of the tunnel and slip off. They call Skinner to meet them at a country cafe the next morning. He wants to trade the tape for the agents' reinstatement. Mulder is opposed, but Scully argues that they have to have the access of being in the FBI in order to continue their work -- and she needs to see her sister. Skinner claims he couldn't copy or print out the file. If "they" double cross him, he will turn state's evidence and testify.

Albert prays for Melissa for two days, but receives word that the mother of the white buffalo calf has died. Albert fears that it is the way of nature that for one thing to live, another must die. Skinner arrives at Melissa's hospital room. He delivers a message from Dana and sees a stranger watching the room. Skinner chases him -- there are actually three of them, including Krycek and the man who was with him when Melissa was shot. Krycek gets the DAT tape from Skinner and leaves him wounded in a stairwell. Later, in a car, the other two leave Krycek alone when they go into a store. He has a premonition and jumps out of the car, just before it explodes. He runs off.

Mulder and Scully go to Klemper's greenhouse and find the Well Manicured Man, who reports that Victor has died of a heart attack. He says in 1947 a spacecraft was reportedly recovered in New Mexico, including a body. The Operation Paperclip scientists, he says, became involved. Mulder has the leap of understanding that Klemper was trying to create a human-alien hybrid. The Well Manicured Man says when Bill Mulder discovered the plans, he objected. Scully, however, feels that it is all a lie, to protect the continuation of the NAZI agenda of unethical human experimentation. The records in the mine, Mulder says, are of abductees. Samantha was taken to keep Bill Mulder from revealing the truth, the Well Manicured Man says, and that Fox's life is now in danger. He says there is more than Mulder will ever know.

Krycek telephones the Smoking Man at the Consortium office and threatens blackmail because he has the tape. The Smoking Man covers up the conversation and reports to the group that the DAT tape has been destroyed in a car explosion. In Greenwich, CT, Mulder again questions his mother -- did Dad ever ask her to make a choice? She couldn't choose. Bill chose and she hated him for it. The Smoking Man and Skinner meet and Skinner claims to have the tape. The Smoking Man knows he does not, so Skinner calls Albert into his office. Albert knows what is on the tape and has told 20 other men the information on the files who will be able to testify, if Albert is killed. It may be a bluff, but it allows Skinner to reinstate Mulder and Scully.

Melissa dies. Mulder is convinced that Melissa knows that Dana is sorry. They have both lost so much that they have to go back to work. Mulder is convinced that the truth is in the X-Files. Scully has heard the truth -- she wants the answers.

[Note that in Anasazi, Mulder did not have much trouble displaying the contents of the DAT tape. Was Skinner lying about not being able to copy it? Would he have a reason to copy the tape but not tell Mulder and Scully? Was this wonderful document lost because Skinner is inept with computers?]

May 1995

Esther Nairn revives her PhD from MIT, having specialized in automata theory. She begins post doctoral work at the Santa Fe Institute. Donald Gelman is her secret mentor. Sometime around now may be when she meets David Markham and falls in love. They begin developing a plan to upload the human mind into cyberspace. Donald Gelman, however, forbids it.(Kill Switch)

June? 1995

Krycek sells information from the MJ documents about a UFO that crashed in the Pacific Ocean during W.W.II to the French government. French agents plan to recover the nuclear weapon.(Nisei)

July 1995

The Walk. A quadriplegic appears to travel out of his body when he is asleep, committing murders. (Date taken from mail postmark.)

Early August 1995

Fearing publicity, Cancer Man has the triangular-shaped UFO that crashed in the Pacific Ocean during W.W.II salvaged. A tramp steamer/salvage vessel registered in San Diego, the Talapus, is used to recover the UFO, allegedly looking for a sunken Japanese W.W.II submarine with gold on board.

Note: The name Talapus may be taken from Mount Talapus, near Portland, Oregon.

A Japanese medical team, conducting an autopsy of a body found on board the UFO is murdered by a military special forces team. An Allentown, PA, member of the Mutual UFO Network, Steven Zinter, intercepts an alien autopsy video feel on a satellite circuit, and sells it by mail order. (Nisei and 731)

??? 1995

Oubliette. In the Seattle, Washington area, Lucy Householder, who was kidnapped as a child and held captive in a basement for five years, experiences a psychic connection to Amy Jacobs, a new kidnap victim of the same man. She drowns to death while sitting in the back seat of a police car, preventing Amy from drowning in a river.

August 29, 1995

2Shy. Date taken from Scully's dictated autopsy notes.

September 12, 1995

D.P.O. Several people seem to have been killed by lightning in Connerville, Oklahoma. One person, Darrin Peter Oswald, who survives a lightning strike in the area, gains the power to generate electricity, like lightning. Unfortunately, he is mentally unstable, and actually killed the other victims. He has a crush on his pretty remedial reading teacher, Sharon Kvietz. Oswald is confined to a mental institution. Note: At one point, Darrin watches a music video featuring The Rosemarys. (Date taken from top ranking on video game.)

September 16, 1995

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose. In Saint Paul, General Mutual insurance agent Clyde Bruckman is sporadically psychic, being able to predict a person's death. A psychic serial killer kills several fortune tellers, and targets Bruckman. On September 21 in Le Damfino Hotel, the killer attacks Mulder, and Scully kills the serial killer. Bruckman commits suicide. Scully acquires a pet dog, after Bruckman's neighbor dies. Bruckman tells Scully she will never die. He tells Mulder that Mulder doesn't want to know how he will die, although at one point he mentions "autoerotic asphyxiation." We first meet The Stupendous Yappi, a "professional" psychic. First broadcast on Friday the 13th.

??? 1995

The List. Napoleon "Neech" Manley is executed at Eastpoint State Penitentiary, Leon County, Florida. Twice before he has been strapped into the electric chair, but a last minute stay of execution had arrived. A strong believer in reincarnation, he vows to return and kill five people to revenge himself on the cruelty he has suffered. When multiple deaths occur, Scully and Mulder are called in to investigate.

Manley's wife, Danielle, believes her husband has taken over the body of a guard, which whom she is having an affair, and she shoots him. This concept is similar to the walk-ins" belief of the Church of the Red Museum. The five men die who are on Manley's list.

October 1995

Nisei. Seven weeks after he intercepts the video feed, Steven Zinter is killed by a Japanese diplomat who carries a briefcase with satellite photos of the Talapus. Senator Matheson helps Mulder locate the warehouse where the UFO is stored, and he sees what he believes to be an alien loaded onto a railroad quarantine car. Mulder boards the train. Scully meets several other women who claim to be abductees, and has a flashback in which she sees herself on an operating table, pregnant.

Robert Patrick Modell, calling himself Pusher, contacts FBI agent Frank Burst and confesses to several murders which had been classified as suicides. He eludes capture for some weeks. (Pusher)

October 1995

731. In Perkey, WV, a military team executes dozens of malformed humans from Dr. Zama's closed hospital.

Scully finds evidence that the chip implanted in her neck was recording thoughts, for later playback. The manufacturer is Japanese, connected by paperwork Dr. Shiro Zama's hospital in WV. Scully talks with a member of the Conspiracy, the Elder, also known to fans as the Fat Man, who tells her Zama kept his experimentation secret from his American patrons.

A man who claims to be an NSA operative kills Dr. Shiro Zama, under orders from the Conspiracy, but is himself killed by X. Scully concludes that she was tested in a similar rail car during her 1994 abduction, and that Zama tested subjects with diseases and radiation tests.

Mulder suspects that Zama was working to develop a alien/human hybrid intended as a weapon, to be immune to biological weapons.

The rail car explodes and the bodies at Zama's hospital are removed, leaving no traces. The Cancer Man obtains Zama's records. (Scully notes that two weeks earlier, the President apologized for secret radiation testing conducted on civilians up to 1974. The President's commission was appointed in January 1994 and presented its report in October 95.)

October 1995

News accounts report when the United States evacuated Vietnam almost 25 years earlier, Vietnamese commandos and spies were left behind enemy lines. The government is greatly embarrassed, and begins an investigation. Those pursuing the cover-up of American POWs left in Vietnam grow concerned.(Unrequited)

October 1995

Piper Maru. An alien life form, waiting in a sunken P-51 Mustang takes control of a French salvage crew diver from the ship Piper Maru at the location where a Foo Fighter crashed in 1945 and where the Talapus salvaged a UFO earlier in the year. The entire crew suffers from extreme radiation poisoning, except for the infected diver, Gautier. The entity occupies other people, including Krycek.

FBI Assistant Director Skinner, is shot and wounded by an agent of the Cancer Man -- shown by evidence to be the same man who shot Melissa Scully, Argentine citizen Louis Cardinale. (Date based on Skinner saying it has been five months since Melissa was shot, which would really be September, but this episode has to follow Nisei and 731.)

Scully meets several women who claim to be abduction victims. Some are suffering from strange forms of cancer that does not respond to treatment. Some claim to recognize Scully from the "bright white place."

November 1995

Apocrypha. The Cancer Man takes Krycek into custody, while he is occupied by the alien entity. The entity is allowed to return to its UFO, placed for safe storage in an abandoned in missile silo 1013, at Black Crow, North Dakota, unlike other UFOs stored in Nevada. Krycek is left alive but sealed in the silo.

Skinner returns to work, limping from his gunshot wound. Cardinale is found dead in his cell, made to look like suicide.

The Conspiracy meets on 46th Street, New York, preserving the secrecy and future of its project.

Circa November, the events happen that are investigated by Jose Chung for his book "From Outer Space."

Melissa Riedel takes up residence at the Temple of the Seven Stars in Hamilton County, Tennessee. (The Field Where I Died)

??? 1995

Pusher. In Loudoun County, Virginia, Robert Modell is arrested following his claim to have committed 14 murders, but escapes by causing the police car driver to not see a semi truck. Scully and Mulder later learn that Modell is dying and looking for a worth opponent, which he considers Mulder to be. They corner him in a hospital where Modell forces Mulder into a game of Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. Scully pulls a fire alarm, breaking Modell's concentration, and Mulder shoots Modell. Modell is hospitalized in a deep coma.

The World Weekly Informer, a supermarket tabloid, publishes a story about the quasi-human liver fluke from The Host. Also in the issue, according to the headlines, are stories about a "girl raised by squirrels for 15 years found begging for peanuts in park," and "depravity rampant on hit TV show."

??? 1995

Teso Dos Bichos. When a Sokona Indian burial urn from the Ecuadorian highlands is returned to the Boston Museum of Natural History a series of deaths follows three weeks later. Mulder believes the deaths are the result of a curse of the jaguar spirit. The urn is eventually returned to Ecuador and reburied.

??? 1995

Hell Money. In China town, an unscrupulous doctor uses an elaborate lottery to obtain human organs for transplant.

November 28, 1995

Revelations. Scully believes she may have been chosen by God to protect a young boy's life. The boy is stigmatic, and is pursued by a serial killer. (Date taken from medication log. Christmas episode, broadcast December 15, the final X-File of 1995.)

??? 1995

War of the Coprophages. Computerized mechanical insects are discovered in Miller's Grove Massachusetts (not to be confused with Grover's Mill, New Jersey, in "The War of the Worlds") that could be alien probes. Dr. Bambi Barenbaum expresses the opinion that UFOs are actually glowing nocturnal insect swarms.

December 1995

Krycek either escapes from the North Dakota missile silo, or is found by anti-government militia members, lead by Timothy Edward Mayhew. Krycek works with them to build two bombs. He plans to use one to decoy Mulder into a complex scheme. (Tunguska)