A to Z of The X Files!

Πρέπει να αναφέρω ότι τα παρακάτω δεν αποτελούν προιόν δικής μου μελέτης. Πολλές πληροφορείες έχουν παρθεί από το The Official Book of X-files, το The Sequal to the Official Book of X-files, το The Ofiicial X-files Web Page και πολλά παλαιότερα mail φίλων.

A is for

alt.tv.x-files. (The US X Files Newsgroup.)
Abductions. (usually referring to extraterrestrial abducions)
ALL DONE. BYE BYE. (The ending to Blood, used by many X Philes when saying goodbye.)
All Around The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix. (Song Mulder requested Jimi to sing via Luther Lee Boggs in Beyond The Sea.)
Anasazi. (Second Season Finale. To be continued)
Aliens. (We Are Amoung You.)
Anderson, Gillian. (Actress that plays Dana Scully.)
Adult Video News (Pornographic magazine Mulder is supposed to read.)

B is for

Bach's Brandenburg Concerto - part 2. (Mentioned in Little Green Men. Included in the Voyager Programme.)
Beyond The Sea. (Both an episode title, and a piece of music (by Bobby Darin) played at Scully's Dad's Funeral.)
Boggs, Luther Lee. (Featured in episode Beyond The Sea. Claimed to be in contact with the dead.
Byers. (Member of the Lone Gunmen.)
Blevins. (Cheif Blevins. Scully's reports are sent to him.)
Bellefleur. (Where the class of '89 strangly died, one by one. - Pilot.)
Budahas, Lt.Col, Mrs. (Lt. Col Budahas was a test pilot who became ill, then was taken by the Military. When he came back, pieces of his memory were missing.)
Briggs, Det. (He investigated the 1933 murders by Eugene Victor Tooms.)
"Bear". (The pilot who flew everyone involved up to the Icy Cape, Alaska.)
Belt, Lt.Col. Marcus Aurelius.
Barry, Duane. (Thought he was an alien abductee, and traded Scully for himself when "they" came.)

C is for

Chris Carter. (Director of The X Files)
Cancer Man. (High up in government. Tried to stop Mulder's activites on many an occasion.)
Conspiricies. (The X Files is full of them.)
Colton, Agent Tom. (Was a classmate of Scully's. Trying to climb the ladder all the way to the top. Doesn't believe in Mulder's ideas. Was working on the original Tooms case - Squeeze.)
Conduit. (A 1st season episode about a boy who's the link to his sister's disappearance.)
Club Tepes (Club in Hollywood Boulevard, where Mulder came across the Vampire Kirsten.)
Crew Cut Man (Killed Deep Throat. Eventually killed by a Wisconsin sheriff.)

D is for

Deep Throat. (Mulder's first contact source. Supposedly killed in The Erlenmeyer Flask.)
Duchovny, David. (Actor who plays Fox Mulder.)
Deny Everything. (A moto the government uses constantly.)
Dorland, Robert. (Head of HTG Industrial Technologies in Philidelphia after the other boss dies, "suicide of slashing wrists in bath".)
Drake, Benjamin. (High up in the Eurisko firm. Was electrocuted by the C.O.S. when he decided to terminate it.
DaSilve, Dr. (One of the team sent up to the Icy Cape, Alaska. Infected by the worms, but recovered.)
Dead Horse (Remote town in Alaska where Mulder searched for Samantha.)
Drawstring pants (Told a vampire he didn't want to live forever if they came back in fashion.)

E is for

Extraterrestrials. (We Are Amoung You.)
EL 'AANIGOO 'AHOOTE. (According to Chris Carter, Navajo for The Truth Is Out There.)
Elvis. (Only man to ever to fake his own death sucessfully.)
Ellens Air Base. (Where Mulder saw a UFO, which was then erased from his memory.)
Eurisko. (Latin, for "I discover things". The name of the firm that Brad Wilczek and Ben Drake worked for.)
Erlenmeyer flask (A flask used to keep matter frozen. In the episode titled "The erlenmeyer flask" it contained an alien entity.)
Excelsis Dei (Convalescent home where there were strange experiments going on trying to help Alzheimer's disease. Ghostly rapists resided there as well.)

F is for

F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation.)
Firewalker (Volcano descending camera that filmed something which sent Mulder and Scully on another investigation.)
Fluke, The (Human / Fluke worm born of Chernobyl, found in the sewers of Newark, New Jersey.)
.Folkstone (A refugee camp for Haitians, run by a colonel who practiced voodoo.)
Fuller, Roland. (Retarded janitor who was controlled by the frozen brain of his dead twin brother.)

G is for

The Government. (Deny Everything.)
Ghost In The Machine. (1st season episode about a computer with a mind of it's own.)
Gregors. (Clones posing as doctors all over the US. Were of alien origin.)

H is for

Hardin, Jerry. (Actor who played Deep Throat.)
Hutchison, Doug. (Actor who played Eugene Tooms.)
Hodge, Dr. (One of the team sent to the Icy Cape, Alaska, to investigate the deaths of a previous team.)
He Is One (Written on the backs of the teens injected with alien D.N.A.)

I is for

Ice. (First season episode about parasites in the antartic.)

J is for

The Jersey Devil. (Ouside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, people are found with arms, legs, missing. Eaten off by a human. The myth of the Jersey Devil is investigated. -The name of a 1st season episode.)

K is for

Krycek. (Pretended to be a believer in Mulder, but was spying on him for the Cancer Man. Partnered Mulder while Scully was gone.)
The Kindred. (Religious sect. Kept themselves in isolation in woods in Stevenstown, Massachusetts.)
Kite, Lauren. (She worked at HTG Industrial Technologies in Philidelphia. She believed her dead boss was still around her. "Sometimes, I can even smell his aftershave")
Kill 'Em All (Message sent by digital display to people exposed to an insecticide similar to LSD, which brought on panic to the people concerned.)

L is for

The Lone Gunmen. (Group of three men, who firmly believe in government conspiricies, and therefore keep an eye on their activites. Publish a magazine of the same name.)
Later, dude. (Said by Mulder in Deep Throat. Used by the S.Y.X. as a goodbye.)
Lamana, Jerry. (Agent Mulder used to work with. Was killed by the C.O.S. in the Eurisco building.

M is for

Mulder, Fox.
Mulder, Samantha. Fox's younger sister, she was taken from their home when she was eight years old. Through deep regression hypnosis, Fox remembered a bright light and a presence in their room. He believes she was abducted by aliens, and it is from this event that his interest in the paranormal stems from.
Miles, Billy. (In the class of '89. Was in a waking coma. Recovered. Under hypnosis, he said they were ordered by aliens.)
M.I.B. (Men (or man) In Black. Associated with UFO encounters.)
Mulderisms. (Quotes from Mulder- his little sharp comments.)
Morris, Darlene. (In 1967, she saw a UFO with other members of a girl scouts troup. Her daughter was taken by ??? then returned.)
Morris, Kevin. (Darlene's son. Was a conduit to binary codes of information via a snowy TV screen. This information was found to be part of a secret defense document.)
Morris, Ruby. (Darlene's daughter. Dissapeared for a month, Mulder believes she was abducted.)
Murphy, Denny. (On the team sent to the Icy Cape, Alaska. Killed by DaSilva, as she was infected by one of the worms.)
Manitou (The name for spirit that turns people into killer beasts - Algonquian.)
Mulder, Marty. (Alias Fox Mulder used when checking the blood banks for possible vampires.)

N is for

National Comet. (Tabloid newspaper seen in Mulder's office. - The one with the lizard baby.)
Nemman, Dr. Jay, Theresa. (Theresa was in the clas of'89. Dr.Nemman was the doctor who performed the autopsies on the bodies.

O is for

O'Dell, Peggy. (In the class of '89. Was paralysed from the waist down, but killed as she ran in front of a truck.)
Okabogee, Lake. (UFO hotspot in Sioux City, Iowa.)

P is for

The Pentagon. (Housing many extraterrestrial objects.)
Preacher, The. (Vietnam Vet who was part of a government experiment. He seeked revenge on the doctors who'd conducted this experiment, depriving him of sleep for 24 years
Psychokinesis (The ability to move objects using your mind.)

Q is for

Quantico, where both Agents trained, and Scully taught for a while.

R is for

Roland, the handicapt janitor in Season 1 (also the name of the same episode.)

S is for

Scully, Dana. (Trained at the FBI Academy. Working with the FBI for just over two years before assigned to work with Agent Mulder on the X Files. Medical Doctor.)
Sixty Six Exeter Street. (Where Tooms lived.)
Squeeze. (Episode from first season. Featured Eugene Tooms.)
Swinson, Karen. (One of the classmates of '89 to be killed by ??? - Pilot Episode.)
Soames, Ray. (When his body was exhumed, it wasn't human. - Pilot.)
Snow, Mark. (Composer of the amazing music heard in the X Files.)
Shadows. (1st season episode about a woman whose boss died, but was still around.)
Space. (1st season episode set with NASA. There's a sabateur at work, and it can't be human.)
Skinner, Walter. (Mulder and Scully answer to him. He reopened the X Files, and has since helped them.)
Sneaky Fox (Name suggested by a Native American for Mulder.)
Spooky (Nickname given to Mulder by other FBI agents because of his beleifs, methods, and the way in which he's jumps ahead of everyone else.)
Starbuck (Pet name given to Scully by her Father.)
Stratego (Board game played by Fox and Samantha as kids, beofer she was taken.)

T is for

The Truth. (The Truth Is Out There.)
TRUSTNO.1 (Mulder's computer password.)
Tooms, Eugene Victor. (Tooms was over 100 years old. A mutant who hibernated, but woke every 30 years to feed on human livers. Tried to attack Scully but was caught. Eventually killed.)

U is for

Uk.media.tv.sf.x-files (The UK X Files Newsgroup.)
U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object.)

V is for

Vancouver, the lovely place in British Columbia, Canada where the series is filmed.

W is for

Washington D.C. (Home to the F.B.I.)
Wilczek, Brad. (Computer genious. Created a machine that could think for itself, the C.O.S.)

X is for

The X Files. (The FBI cases that involve UFOs, the paranormal, or are just "downright spooky". First one opened by J. Edgar Hoover in 1946.)
Mr. X (Informant who's helped Mulder since Deep Throat's death. Not so willing to put his life on the line as DT was.)

Y is for

Young At Heart. The name of the episode where a dead convict from Mulder's past finds the perfect disguise by growing young .

Z is for

Zoo. The working name for the episode Fearful Symetry. (Stanley Park, Animal Abductions.)