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X FILE 11291093

File updated 11/1/97

Changes (marked with #): Part 1 - Emmy wins, revised production crew, new
ep titles & air dates; Part 4 - new video release; Part 5 - New
question/other FAQs

Fox Network Programming
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Ten Thirteen Productions
"The X Files," hour-long television drama airing Sundays at 9 p.m.
Eastern/Pacific (U.S.), 8 p.m. Central (U.S.).

It is shown in over 60 other countries around the world, including Canada
(Global Television anc CTV); the United Kingdom (BBC1, BBC2 and Sky One);
New Zealand (Channel 2); Australia (Fox Cable); Singapore; Portugal; Spain
(Tele 5); Germany; Poland (TVP2); Korea; The Netherlands; Norway; Sweden
(TV 4); Denmark; Finland; South Africa; France (M6); Malaysia; Italy; Hong
Kong (Star-Chinese and Star-World); Taiwan (CTS); Brazil (Rede Record);
Thailand; Switzerland; and Japan. It is also shown on cable services in
Latin America through Fox TV out of Mexico.

The show is in syndication on the cable channel FX. It runs in rotation at
8 p.m. ET and 11 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. It has also begun airing in
local independent syndication on the weekends. Contact your local stations
for information on the independent syndication in your town, or check out
the website at, where you have to enter three
passwords (trustno1, cigarette smoking man, and astadourian) to get to the
final screen showing which local station will be showing X Files, and at
what times.


This report is eyes-only with a level 2 clearance. The information is
updated monthly and is posted on or around the first day of the month to
Information contained is compiled and copyrighted 1994-97 as to form
and wording by Special Agent In Charge Pat Gonzales ( or, team leader for XF Case 11291093. Field agents may
download and redistribute the report in its entirety with the permission
notice intact, or with certain portions deleted with permission, but may
not partially or in whole be incorporated into a commercial document. Any
other use of this information is prohibited without permission from the
special agent in charge. This by no means is meant to infringe on any
copyrights held by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, or 20th Century
Fox Television.
Deep background on agents Mulder and Scully was the determination of
the special agent in charge, and in no way is intended to be the definitive
interpretation of the events aired. Typographic errors are the sole
responsibility of the special agent in charge.

Production Notes
Episode Titles / Air Dates
Deep Background - Fox Mulder
Deep Background - Dana Scully
FBI Superiors
Recurring Characters
Deep Background - Chris Carter
Deep Background - David Duchovny
Deep Background - Gillian Anderson
Electronic Mailing Lists
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The Pregnancy
Fan Clubs
Miscellaneous Information
Real Frequently Asked Questions

_The X Files_ is a television series dealing with two FBI agents, Fox
Mulder and Dana Scully, in the Bureau's Violent Crimes section. They work
with the "X files," cases that have unexplainable elements and often
involve the paranormal.

/Production Notes/
The series was created by Chris Carter.
Executive producers for the show are Carter and R.W. Goodwin.
Co-executive producer is Frank Spotnitz. Producers are Paul Rabwin, Vince
Gilligan Joseph Patrick Finn and Kim Manners. Lori Jo Nemhauser and John
Shiban are co-producers.
The show is filmed almost entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The show is broadcast in Dolby Surround Sound.
_The X Files_ is *not based on true events or real FBI X files.* The
episodes are fiction, the plots loosely based on news reports of
unexplained events around the world and other unexplained phenomena. The
pilot does open with a note saying that the events were based on an actual
real-life story, but was not meant to imply that there are real X Files.

If you wish to write in support of the show, the addresses are:

Chris Carter, Executive Producer, "The X Files," c/o Fox Broadcasting
Company, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Jonathan Littman, Director of Current Programming, Fox Broadcasting
Company, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Fan mail to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can be sent to: Studio
Fan Mail/(actor's name), 1122 South Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035.

The Fox Network has an Internet address to which you can e-mail your
comment on the series. The address is: If you send
e-mail, indicate "X Files" in the subject line.
Chris Carter does not have an official e-mail address. Members of the X
Files production team do scan the various online groups. Their addresses
are not publicly available.

/Episode Titles - Air Dates/
A basic episode guide can be found at the official X Files website:
Tiny Dancer also has a complete episode guide, which contains the basic
information and a lot of interesting tidbits (like quotes and special bits
and pieces). You can find it at her website:

Individuals in North America with satellite dishes get the feeds for X
Files on Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on Telstar 4-05. The live broadcast feed
for X Files is sent on Telstar 4, transponder 2 or 23 (east feed) at 9 p.m.
ET, and Telstar 4, transponder 2 or 23 (west feed) at midnight ET (west

All estimated air dates ("e" after the date") are not confirmed and are
subject to change. New episode begin airing Sunday, Nov. 2, and are
scheduled to air through the beginning of December.

Season 1 History
Code Episode -- Air Dates (original * repeats)
---- ------- ---------
1X79 "The X-Files" (1.1) -- 9/10/93 * 1/17/94, 11/6/94
1X01 "Deep Throat" (1.2) -- 9/17/93 * 12/24/93, 6/24/94
1X02 "Squeeze" (1.3) -- 9/24/93 * 12/ 3/93, 6/10/94, 11/4/95
1X03 "Conduit" (1.4) -- 10/ 1/93 * 12/14/93, 5/27/94
1X04 "Jersey Devil" (1.5) -- 10/ 8/93 * 12/31/93, 7/22/94
1X05 "Shadows" (1.6) -- 10/22/93 * 3/ 4/94, 5/26/95
1X06 "Ghost in the Machine" (1.7) -- 10/29/93 * 1/14/94, 12/29/96
1X07 "Ice" (1.8) -- 11/ 5/93 * 1/17/94 (and 8/12/94 in some areas), 3/3/95
1X08 "Space" (1.9) -- 11/12/93 * 1/28/94, 8/22/94
1X09 "Fallen Angel" (1.10) -- 11/19/93 * 3/29/94, 11/13/94, 3/9/97
1X10 "Eve" (1.11) -- 12/10/93 * 3/11/94, 8/26/94
1X11 "Fire" (1.12) -- 12/17/93 * 3/25/94, 11/20/94
1X12 "Beyond the Sea" (1.13) -- 1/ 7/94 * 4/8/94, 12/22/95
1X13 "GenderBender" (1.14) -- 1/21/94 * 5/20/94, 7/21/95
1X14 "Lazarus" (1.15) -- 2/ 4/94 * 6/3/94, 9/2/94
1X15 "Young at Heart" (1.16) -- 2/11/94 * 6/17/94
1X16 "E.B.E." (1.17) -- 2/18/94 * 7/8/94, 11/25/94
1X17 "Miracle Man" (1.18) -- 3/18/94 * 7/1/94, 3/30/97
1X18 "Shapes" (1.19) -- 4/ 1/94 * 10/28/94, 8/4/95
1X19 "Darkness Falls" (1.20) -- 4/15/94 * 8/5/94, 12/2/94
1X20 "Tooms" (1.21) -- 4/22/94 * 7/15/94, 11/4/95
1X21 "Born Again" (1.22) -- 4/29/94 * 8/22/94, 4/5/96
1X22 "Roland" (1.23) -- 5/6/94 * 7/29/94, 12/29/95
1X23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask" (1.24) -- 5/13/94 * 9/9/94, 9/1/95

Season 2 Episode Titles
2X01 "Little Green Men" -- 9/16/94 * 12/23/94, 9/8/95
2X02 "The Host" -- 9/23/94 * 12/30/94, 1/19/96
2X03 "Blood" -- 9/30/94 * 1/20/95
2X04 "Sleepless" -- 10/7/94 * 3/10/95
2X05 "Duane Barry" -- 10/14/94 * 6/2/95
2X06 "Ascension" -- 10/21/94 * 6/9/95
2X07 "3" -- 11/4/94 * 6/16/95, 4/24/96
2X08 "One Breath" -- 11/11/94 * 6/23/95
2X09 "Firewalker" -- 11/18/94 * 3/24/95, 3/22/96
2X10 "Red Museum" -- 12/9/94 * 4/21/95
2X11 "Excelsis Dei" -- 12/16/94 * 4/7/95
2X12 "Aubrey" -- 1/6/95 * 6/30/95
2X13 "Irresistible" -- 1/13/94 * 7/7/95, 3/15/96
2X14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt" -- 1/27/95 * 7/14/95, 3/2/97
2X15 "Fresh Bones" -- 2/3/95 * 12/8/95
2X16 "Colony" -- 2/10/95 * 8/15/95
2X17 "End Game" -- 2/17/95 * 8/15/95
2X18 "Fearful Symmetry" -- 2/24/95 * 1/12/96
2X19 "Dod Kalm" -- 3/17/95 (Norwegian o-slash thru)
2X20 "Humbug" -- 3/31/95 * 10/28/95
2X21 "The Calusari" -- 4/14/95 * 7/28/95 (Romanian s)
2X22 "F. Emasculata" -- 4/28/95 * 8/11/95
2X23 "Soft Light" -- 5/5/95 * 8/25/95, 5/25/97
2X24 "Our Town" -- 5/12/95 * 5/31/96
2X25 "Anasazi" -- 5/19/95 * 9/15/95, 7/12/96

Also, "The Secrets of _The X Files_ ," a recap of players and situations
from first and second seasons, aired on 5/19/95, the hour before "Anasazi"
and was repeated on 9/4/95.

Season 3
3X01 "The Blessing Way" -- 9/22/95 * 7/19/96
3X02 "Paper Clip" -- 9/29/95 * 7/26/96
3X03 "D.P.O." -- 10/6/95 * 5/24/96, 6/29/97
3X04 "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" -- 10/13/95 * 3/1/96, 6/14/96
3X05 "The List" -- 10/20/95 * 2/16/96
3X06 "2Shy" -- 11/3/95 * 6/7/96
3X07 "The Walk" -- 11/10/95 * 6/28/96
3X08 "Oubliette" -- 11/17/95 * 4/19/96
3X09 "Nisei" -- 11/24/95 * 8/9/96
3X10 "731" -- 12/1/95 * 8/16/96
3X11 "Revelations" -- 12/15/95 * 12/22/96
3X12 "War of the Coprophages" -- 1/5/96
3X13 "Syzygy" -- 1/26/96 * 8/10/97
3X14 "Grotesque" -- 2/2/96 * 6/21/96
3X15 "Piper Maru" -- 2/9/96 * 8/30/96
3X16 "Apocrypha" -- 2/16/96 * 9/6/96
3X17 "Pusher" -- 2/23/96 * 12/8/96
3X18 "Teso Dos Bichos" -- 3/8/96 * 7/5/96
3X19 "Hell Money -- 3/29/96 * 8/2/96
3X20 "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" -- 4/12/96 * 1/19/97, 7/6/97
3X21 "Avatar" -- 4/26/96 * 9/13/96
3X22 "Quagmire" -- 5/3/96 * 8/23/96, 8/3/97
3X23 "Wetwired" -- 5/10/96 * 9/20/96
3X24 "Talitha Cumi" -- 5/17/96 * 9/27/96, 6/1/97

Also, "More Secrets of _The X Files_ ," a recap of players and situations
third seasons aired on 5/10/95, the hour before "Wetwired."

Season 4
4X01 "Herrenvolk" -- 10/4/96 * 6/8/97
4X02 "Unruhe" -- 10/27/96 * 4/6/97
4X03 "Home" -- 10/11/96
4X04 "Teliko" -- 10/18/96
4X05 "The Field Where I Died" -- 11/3/96 * 6/15/97
4X06 "Sanguinarium" -- 11/10/96
4X07 "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" -- 11/17/96
4X08 "Paper Hearts" -- 12/15/96
4X09 "Tunguska" -- 11/24/96 * 8/17/97
4X10 "Terma" -- 12/1/96 * 8/24/97
4X11 "El Mundo Gira" -- 1/12/97 * 7/27/97
4X12 "Kaddish" -- 2/16/97
4X13 "Never Again"-- 2/2/97 * 6/22/97
4X14 "Leonard Betts" -- 1/26/97 * 7/13/97
4X15 "Memento Mori" -- 2/9/97 * 7/14/97
4X16 "Unrequited" -- 2/23/97 * 7/20/97
4X17 "Tempus Fugit" -- 3/16/97 * 8/31/97
4X18 "Max" -- 3/23/97 * 9/7/97
4X19 "Synchrony" -- 4/13/97
4X20 "Small Potatoes" -- 4/20/97
4X21 "Zero Sum" -- 4/27/97
4X22 "Elegy" -- 5/4/97
4X23 "Demons" -- 5/11/97
4X24 "Gethsemane" -- 5/18/97

The show was pre-empted on 1/5/97 for an episode of "Millennium."

Season 5
5X01 "Unusual Suspects" -- 11/16/97e
5X02 "Redux" -- 11/2/97e
5X03 "Redux II" -- 11/9/97e
5X04 "Detour" -- 11/23/97
5X05 "Christmas Carol" -- 12/7/97
5X06 "Post-Modern Prometheus" -- 11/30/97

During its first season, _The X Files_ finished 102 out of 118 shows in the
Neilsen ratings with a 6.4 average . The show was recognized as one of the
best shows on the air by the Viewers for Quality Television. It also
garnered "Best Drama Series" honor at the Environmental Media Awards. The
show was nominated for two Emmys, Best Title Sequence (which it won) and
Best Music for a Title Sequence. The episode "Erlenmeyer Flask" was
nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Best
Episode and the series as a whole for Best Television Series.

During its second season, _The X Files_ finished 64th out of 141 shows in
the Neilsen ratings with a 14.5 average. The show was chosen as Best
Television Show of 1994 by _Entertainment Weekly_ , and won a Golden Globe
for best television drama. _X Files_ cinematographer John Bartley was
nominated for an American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding
Achievement Award for the episode "Duane Barry."
Viewers for Quality Television nominated _The X Files_ as best drama,
and Duchovny and Anderson were nominated for best actor and actress,
The Television Critic's Association nominated the show for Best Drama.
The show garnered seven Emmy nominations -- outstanding drama series
(against Chicago Hope, ER, Law & Order, and NYPD Blue); outstanding
individual achievement in writing (drama) - Chris Carter, "Duane Barry;"
outstanding cinematography in a series - John Bartley, "One Breath;"
outstanding individual achievement in editing/single camera production -
James Coblenz, "Duane Barry," and Stephen Mark, "Sleepless;" outstanding
sound editing for a series -- the sound crew consisting of supervising
sound editor Thierry Couturier; dialogue editors Machiek Malish, Chris
Reeves, Marty Stein, and Jay Levine; sound effects editors Stuart Calderon,
Michael Kimball, David Van Slyke, Susan Welsh, Chris Fradkin, and Matt
West; music editor Jeff Charbonneau; and ADR editor Debby Ruby Winsberg,
for "Duane Barry;" and outstanding guest actress in a drama - CCH
Pounder/Agent Kazdin, "Duane Barry."

During its third season, the show has received two Golden Globe
nominations, for Duchovny as best actor in a drama and Anderson as best
actress in a drama. Both actors were also nominated by the Screen Actors
Guild for outstanding actor in a television series drama; Anderson won. The
Directors Guild of America has nominated Chris Carter for best director of
a television drama, for "The List." The Producers Guild of America has
nominated _The X Files_ for best television drama.Viewers for Quality
Television have nominated _The X Files_ for best television drama.
The show won 5 out of the 8 Emmys it was nominated for -- outstanding
guest actor in a drama - Peter Boyle (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose);
outstanding individual achievement in writing (drama) - Darin Morgan (Clyde
Bruckman's Final Repose); outstanding achievement in cinematography - John
S. Bartley (Grotesque); outstanding achievement in sound editing (Nisei);
and outstanding sound mixing (Nisei). The other nominees were outstanding
drama series; outstanding lead actress in a drama - Gillian Anderson; and
outstanding achievement in art direction - Graeme Murray and Shirley Inget
(Jose Chung's From Outer Space);

The X Files' episode which aired after the1997 Super Bowl, "Leonard Betts,"
received the show's highest rating ever, at 6th. "Small Potatoes" reached
7th (the show's best showing that did not follow a "special event"), and
"Max" was 8th.
Gillian Anderson (best actress-drama, television), David Duchovny (best
actor-drama, television) and the show itself (best drama, television) were
nominated for and won Golden Globe awards. Anderson, Duchovny, the series
and the ensemble cast were nominated for Screen Actors Guild awards in the
television drama category; Anderson won for best actress in a television
drama. John S. Bartley was nominated for best cinematography for a
television drama for Grotesque by the American Society for
The show was awarded a Peabody for new and innovative television in
prime time.
Other award nominations were: from the TV Critics Association, for best
drama and Gillian Anderson for best actor; Viewers for Quality Television,
best quality drama, David Duchovny for best actor in a quality drama,
Gillian Anderson for best actress in a quality drama, and Mitch Pileggi for
best recurring player in a quality drama.
#The show was nominated for 12 Emmys (winning 3), the most in its
history: outstanding drama series, outstanding lead actor in a drama -
Duchovny; outstanding lead actress in a drama - Anderson [won Emmy];
outstanding art direction for a series (Graeme Murray, Production Designer;
Gary P. Allen, Art Director; Shirley Inget, Set Director) [won Emmy];
outstanding achievement in directing (drama) - James Wong (Musings of a
Cigarette Smoking Man); outstanding single-camera picture editing for a
series - Jim Gross (Terma), and Heather MacDougall (Tempus Fugit);
outstanding makeup for a series - for "Leonard Betts" (Laverne Basham,
Makeup Artist; Tony Lindala, Effects Makeup Artist); outstanding music
composition for a series - Mark Snow (Paper Hearts); outstanding sound
editing for a series - "Tempus Fugit" (Thierry J. Couturier, Supervising
Sound Editor, and staff) [won Emmy]; outstanding sound mixing for a series
- "Tempus Fugit" (Michael Williamson - Production Mixer; David West, Nello
Torri, Harry Andronis - Re-recording Mixers); and outstanding writing for a
series (drama) - John Shiban, Frank Spotnitz, Chris Carter, and Vince
Gilligan, "Memento Mori."#
X Files also won a Saturn Award for best television series, and Gillian
Anderson won for best actress; these awards are given by the Academy of
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films.

X FILE 11291093

Part 2 of 5 11/1/97

/Deep Background-Fox Mulder/
Agent Fox William Mulder, an Oxford-trained psychologist with a
photographic memory, is one of the FBI Violent Crimes division's best
agents, although he is in disfavor with not only his superiors but also his
colleagues because of his interest in the Bureau's X files. He stumbled
upon these files, dealing with unexplained phenomena, during his first
three years with the Bureau, as a crack analyst in the Bureau's behavioral
sciences department. [Chris Carter, _Starlog #201_, April 1994]
His fascination with the paranormal stems from a childhood incident --
his sister Samantha disappeared from their home in Chilmark, Mass. (pop.
650) when he was 12 and she was 8. Mulder claims she was abducted by
aliens; during regressions he recalled hearing his sister's cries for help,
and a bright light which kept him paralyzed and told him that his sister
would be all right. [Conduit] This memory differs from a dream Mulder
experienced one night [Little Green Men]. Mulder has come in contact with
an alien hybrid who claimed to be Samantha and an alien bounty hunter who
told him that his sister was alive. He has vowed to continue his search for
her [Colony/End Game]. He did come upon a clone of a young Samantha at a
Canadian compound run by a group of aliens, but was unable to bring her
back [Herrenvolk].
Mulder's early meteoric rise at the Bureau enabled him to make
high-placed friends in Congress -- one of them being SETI proponent and
influential senator Richard Matheson [Little Green Men]. These contacts
had kept him from retribution from higher-ups, although they assigned him a
partner, with the tacit idea of discrediting what he does so that he can be
dismissed. However, Mulder picked up a somewhat vacillating ally in a
mysterious covert individual known as Deep Throat. [Deep Throat, Fallen
Angel, Eve, Young at Heart, E.B.E., Erlenmeyer Flask].
Deep Throat was killed by an equally mysterious covert opponent (Crew
Cut Man) during an attempt to rescue Mulder. Mulder confirmed his burial at
Arlington "through eight-power binoculars from a thousand yards away."
[Little Green Men]. But he acquired a second "deep information" associate,
someone who is referred to as X. [Sleepless] This mysterious man had been
less helpful to Mulder than his dead colleague, although he did provide
information about Mulder's mother and the Cigarette Smoking Man [Talitha
Cumi]. The Cgarette Smoking Man had X killed on Mulder's doorstep
[Herrenvolk], but not before leading him to an assistant to the Special
Representative to the Secretary General of the U.N. [Herrenvolk], who has
been able to help him [Tunguska].
Mulder has also been told by an unknown individual that he has "a
friend in the FBI" [The Host]. This friend has now been identified to be
Assistant Director Skinner [Paper Clip].
At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut down and Mulder
was reassigned to wiretap surveillance [Little Green Men, The Host]. He
also reluctantly acquired a new partner, Special Agent Alex Krycek
[Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascension], a younger agent who purported to be a
believer, not only in Mulder's ideas but in Mulder himself. Mulder's days
in this mind-numbing duty were numbered, however. Assistant Director
Skinner obliquely acknowledged that the X Files department served a
valuable purpose in dealing successfully with the Bureau's oddball cases
[The Host] and was bringing to light information that other covert parties
would prefer to keep buried [Ascension]. Following the disappearance of
Mulder's former partner Dana Scully, Skinner officially reopened the X
Files [Ascension].
At the end of Season 2, Mulder came into possession of a Defense
Department classified, Navajo-coded electronic document that purported to
be the records of events surrounding a covert government operation from 50
years ago. Opponents tried to discredit him by adulterating his drinking
water with a substance making him progressively violent. His father, who
was somehow connected to the operation, was murdered, with Mulder as the
prime suspect. Going into hiding with Scully, Mulder ended up in New Mexico
investigating evidence that proved the validity of the secret document. He
was found out by Cigarette Smoking Man, who attempted to kill him.
[Anasazi] (The disk of information is now in CSM's hands [Apocrypha].)
Mulder recovered through the intervention of the Navajo and returned
to the East Coast to peruse his dead father's effects, finding a mysterious
1970s photo of an interesting group of men. [The Blessing Way] Returning to
D.C. he met up with Scully and received help from the Lone Gunmen and one
of the photographed men to discover the secret location of the files
concerning the covert operation: medical records and tissue samples from
children vaccinated in the 50s and 60s, including Scully's. On the run from
their opponents, they received help from Skinner, who negotiated a truce
with Cigarette Smoking Man for the agents' reinstatement and relative
safety. [Paper Clip]
At the end of season 3, in the search for another group of alien
clones, Mulder recovered a weapon said to be the only device able to kill
the clones, and faced again a morphing alien who supposedly destroyed
clones of his sister who were living on earth. He thought he had killed the
morphing alien, but the alien survived and followed Mulder to a Canadian
farm, where young worker-drone clones who could not speak, one group of
which were clones of a young Samantha, kept bees for an alien project. But
Mulder was unable to learn the true nature of the project, or bring back
one of the Samantha drones. [Herrenvolk.] The bees have been shown to
transport a mutated strain of smallpox. [Zero Sum]
At Krycek's instigation, Mulder (and Scully) investigated the illegal
importing of rock from the Tunguska area of Siberia where a meteorite had
reportedly fallen to earth. The rock contained an exterrestrial life form.
Mulder and Krycek traveled to Tunguska, where Mulder was captured and
infected with the life form by Russian "researchers." He was able to escape
and return to the United States.[Tunguska, Terma]
In the final episode of 4th season, Mulder apparently has committed
suicide because of yet another orchestrated ruse about aliens on Earth
Mulder is known around the Bureau by the nickname of "Spooky" [Pilot,
Young at Heart] both because of his uncanny ability to process information
and leap ahead to logical conclusions, and because of his interest in
paranormal phenomena. "He is considered a loose cannon, a person who is
maybe wasting time and money, and also his expertise, on an area the Bureau
thinks has very little value." [Carter, Starlog] Due to an incident on one
of his first Bureau assignments (a fellow agent was killed) [Young at
Heart], he eschews following investigations "by the book," opting instead
for his own instincts and methods. He keeps notes for his field reports in
a handwritten journal [Born Again]. His favorite alias is George Hale
[Little Green Men; Sleepless}.
We believe Mulder doesn't "have a life," as we have seen little of his
off-duty activities. However, some of this may stem from a relationship he
had at Oxford ten years ago with a woman who is now with Scotland Yard
(Phoebe Green [Fire]). He apparently was in love with her but she not with
him. With the dissolution of the X Files division, however, Mulder may have
been trying to revive his social life; an answering machine message berated
him for missing a lunch date [Little Green Men].
Mulder's birthdate is Oct. 13, 1961 [Paper Clip]. His parents appear to
have been separated. His father, Bill, worked in an unknown capacity for
the State Department, and was murdered by Krycek before telling Mulder
about secrets in his past. [Anasazi] Mulder's mother confirmed that
Samantha had been kidnapped to insure her father's silence about his covert
activities. [Paper Clip]
He has a fear of fire [Fire], which may have been conquered during his
rescue of the children of British MP Sir Malcolm Marsden (who also happened
to be Phoebe's latest fling). He is also a fan of the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration (NASA). [Space] He has a habit of eating shelled
sunflower seeds (a habit he shares with his father [Aubrey]), and making
droll comments which X-Philes have come to note as "Mulderisms."
Mulder is red-and-green colorblind [Wetwired], enjoys wearing
moderately wild ties to work, and seems to be a New York Knicks fan [Beyond
the Sea, Little Green Men] as well as a Washington Redskins fan
[Irresistible]. He appears to have a fondness for classic rock [minor
references, Beyond the Sea, Gender Bender] and classic science fiction
movies [Tooms, Erlenmeyer Flask], and iced tea seems to be his nonalcoholic
beverage of choice [Tooms]. He also keeps himself physically fit by running
[Pilot, Deep Throat, Humbug] and swimming [Duane Barry].
There are suggestions that Mulder has an interest in pornography -- in
"Jersey Devil," we see Mulder looking at the centerfold of some "men's
magazine" talking about how the woman claims she was abducted by aliens; in
another episode Scully remarks that she hadn't seen Mulder that excited
since she caught him going through the Adult Video News; a third episode
mentions a subscription to Celebrity Skin, he appears to be viewing a porno
video in a fourth [3], he makes comments about a video he purchased (not a
porno video) in a fifth [Nisei]. He also appears to call sex hot lines.
[Small Potatoes]As a psychologist, he favors using hypnotic regression as a
psychological healing tool, and hates the unnecessary use of medication
[Born Again].

/Deep Background - Dana Scully/
Dana Katherine Scully is a medical doctor with an undergraduate degree in
physics from the University of Maryland [Jersey Devil]. She was recruited
for the FBI right out of medical school, and had been teaching at the FBI
Academy in Quantico, Va. She was assigned by Section Chief Scott Blevins to
be Mulder's partner in order to keep an eye on him and determine whether he
is perhaps too obsessed with the X files.
Scully is skeptical of anything paranormal, believing that everything
has a logical, scientifically-quantified explanation. Though in most of the
cases she and Mulder have been on she has not witnessed any overt
paranormal activities, she has had brushes with unexplainable phenomena
that may have her start questioning her beliefs [Beyond the Sea; Lazarus;
Born Again; Erlenmeyer Flask; Fresh Bones; Colony; End Game; The Calusari].
However, she is determined to uncover the science behind the phenomena [End
At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut down and Scully
was reassigned, returning to the FBI academy at Quantico, Va. to instruct
new agents on the basics of forensic medicine [Little Green Men]. However,
Mulder called upon her expertise in violent crime cases to which he had
been assigned [The Host, Blood]. Scully was abducted by escaped mental
patient Duane Barry and disappeared [Ascension]. After a three-month
absence, she showed up at a Georgetown hospital in a coma [One Breath]. She
revived and recovered, and is back as Mulder's partner.The missing memories
during her disappearance may be surfacing, however, and a piece of metal
resembling a computer chip found in her shoulder may also provide a clue.
[Irresistible, The Blessing Way].
At the end of Season 2, Scully went into hiding with Mulder, missing a
scheduled meeting with Skinner and putting her career in jeopardy.
[Anasazi] Upon her return to D.C., she was suspended and asked to turn in
her badge and gun, and she sought solace with her mother and sister. At
Mulder's father's funeral, she was warned that her life was in danger.
Scully suspected Skinner, but found that instead he was on their side. In a
case of mistaken identity, her sister Melissa was fatally shot in Scully's
apartment by Krycek. Scully and Mulder have since been reinstated.
In Season 3, Scully has discovered another group of potential
abductees, all MUFON members, who recall seeing her during her abduction
[Nisei]. She was directed to a dilapidated compound in West Virginia, which
looked familiar to her [731]. She was also affected by a signal sent over
television cable wires, causing violent and aggressive behavior [Wetwired].
Scully has discovered that has a malignant, inoperable tumor behind her
nasal cavity, but she is undergoing treatment. [Leonard Betts, Memento
Mori]. In the final episode of 4th season, Scully, during a meeting with
superiors where she denounced Mulder and the X Files investigation,
reported that her cancer has metastasized. [Gesthemane]
Scully, born Feb. 23, 1964, [Lazarus, One Breath] is a middle child;
she has one older and one younger brother [Born Again], and an older
sister, Melissa, now deceased [One Breath, Paper Clip]. Her father died
early in 1994; they were apparently close at one time (she called him Ahab;
he called her Starbuck), but her family disapproved of her joining the
Bureau. [Beyond the Sea] She had a yearlong relationship with an instructor
at the Academy, Jack Willis, with whom she shared the same birthdate.
[Lazarus] She is just as much a workaholic as Mulder, and is currently not
seeing anyone [Jersey Devil].
Scully drinks her coffee with cream, no sugar [E.B.E.]. She was raised
as a Catholic [Miracle Man, Revelations]. She usually wears a necklace
bearing a small cross, which was left behind in the car in which she was
abducted [Ascension] and was returned to her by Mulder [One Breath]. In a
spirit of rebellion, she got a tattoo on her back [Never Again].

/FBI Superiors/
[Seasons 1, 4] Section Chief Scott Blevins (Charles Cioffi) is with the
Violent Crimes Section of the Bureau. [Pilot] Blevins assigned Scully to be
Mulder's partner, and her field reports were sent to his office. [early
episodes] He heads the commitee that listens to Scully's denouncement of
the X Files investigations. [Gesthemane]

[Season 1] Section Chief Joseph McGrath (Frederick Coffin) is with the
Office of Professional Responsibility [Fallen Angel] and seemed determined
to have Mulder fired and the X Files shut down.

[Seasons 1 through 4] Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi)
is Mulder's and Scully's superior. He warned both Scully and Mulder that
their unorthodox methods of investiation may have dire consequences
[Tooms], and followed through by shutting down the X Files division at an
order from "the highest levels of government." [Erlenmeyer Flask] He has
since had second throughts and reopened the X Files [Ascension]. He has
also overtly showed his support for Mulder [One Breath; End Game], openly
confronting Cigarette Smoking Man [The Blessing Way; Paper Clip], and is
trying (in vain) to keep Mulder from going over the edge [F.Emasculata;
Soft Light; Anasazi]. The Smoking Man also tried to get Skinner removed
from his office by framing him for murder, but was unsuccessful [Avatar].
He negotiated with Cigarette Smoking Man for a cure of Scully's cancer
[Memento Mori], and was assigned the eradication of all evidence of a
mistaken murder at the order of the CSM. [Zero Sum] Skinner is married
[Avatar] and has no children. is keeping an FAQ on Assistant Director Skinner
and his real-life portrayer Pileggi. A Skinner website can be found at

/Recurring Characters/
[Season 1] "Deep Throat" (Jerry Hardin) is a mysterious individual believed
to be some sort of higher-up government official. Mulder contacted him via
a blue light shining from his apartment window; DT called Mulder and
signaled him with a series of clicks [E.B.E.]. The method of choosing a
meeting place was not determined. He appears to have been exterminated in
the episode "The Erlenmeyer Flask."
Speculation on Deep Throat is contained in Internal Affairs X-File
Inquiry #875110-6249 [aka the Deep Throat FAQ, posted by Special Agent Jeff

[Seasons 1 through 4] "Cigarette Smoking Man" (William B. Davis) is another
mysterious individual who, like Deep Throat, appears to be a higher-up
government official with some power, though not the person calling the
shots -- he seems to be answering to Well Manicured Man. [The Blessing Way,
Paper Clip] Assistant Director Skinner seemed to be deferring to his
opinion early in our notice of him [Tooms] but Skinner ordered him out of
his office during a discussion with Mulder after the agent had abandoned
his assignment to investigate possible alien contact in Puerto Rico [Little
Green Men]. CSM appeared to be back in control [F. Emasculata, Anasazi],
but ended up making a deal with Skinner in order to keep the information
from a confidential document from becoming public [Paper Clip]. He now has
the disk [Apocrypha]. He also possesses secret files of Japanese war
experiments [731].
CSM has also kept a silent watch on the proceedings in Blevins's and
Skinner's offices and buried vital evidence in a secret Pentagon storage
room [Pilot, Erlenmeyer Flask]. He has tried to get Skinner removed from
his position by framing him for murder [Avatar] He also used Special Agent
Alex Krycek to keep an eye on Mulder and any of Mulder's investigations
[Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascension, Paper Clip]. Mulder pulled a gun on him
and threatened him with death in his studio apartment (at 900 W. Georgia
St.) [One Breath]. He seems to be an acquaintance of Mulder's father Bill
[Anasazi, Piper Maru], and a more intimate acquiaintance of Mulder's mother
[Talitha Cumi], who he had healed through alien means from the effects of a
stroke [Herrenvolk]. He has also apparently blocked research on the alien
life form from Tunguska, Russia, by the Well Manicured Man and his
consortium [Tunguska, Terma]. He negotiated with Assistant Director Skinner
for a possible cure of Scully's cancer [Memento Mori]., and ordered him to
eradicate all evidence related to a mistaken murder caused by
smallpox-carrying bees. [Zero Sum] He also appears to be directing Marita
Covarrubius's activities. [Zero Sum]

[Season 1 through 4] "Lone Gunmen" Byers (Bruce Harwood), Langly (Dean
Haglund), and Frohike (Tom Braidwood) are three of Mulder's sources who
work at "The Lone Gunman," a publication dealing with perceived government
conspiracies. Frohike has a crush on Scully [E.B.E., Little Green Men, One
Breath; Fearful Symmetry; The Blessing Way], and seemed to have a role in
Mulder and Scully's assignment to a manhunt for escaped convicts [F.
A fourth Lone Gunman, computer hacker The Thinker (Bernie Coulson),
put Mulder and Scully in grave danger by obtaining a copy of a classified
government document [Anasazi], and turned up dead because of his actions
[Paper Clip].

[Season 1 through 4] Margaret Scully (Sheila Larken) is Dana Scully's
mother [Beyond the Sea, Ascension, One Breath; The Blessing Way; Paper
Clip; Wetwired]. She has had certain unexplained perceptions about her
daughter [Ascension], leading to indications that Scully herself may be
extranormally perceptive [Aubrey]. She appears to be the only person Scully
trusts [Wetwired]., and she knows about Scully's cancer [Memento Mori].

[Season 2, 3, 4] Special Agent Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) moved into the
role of Mulder's partner with the unexplained murders of former Vietnam
veterans [Sleepless]. We discovered, however, that Krycek had a hidden
agenda, as a lackey for Cigarette Smoking Man: keep an eye on Mulder and
keep him from finding out information that would bring certain covert
activities to light [Sleepless, Ascension]. With the disappearance of Dana
Scully and the reopening of the X Files, Krycek himself disappeared
[Ascension]. He reappeared to murder Mulder's father, [Anasazi] attempt to
kill Mulder himself, [Anasazi] and, in a case of mistaken identity, fatally
wound Scully's sister Melissa [The Blessing Way/Paper Clip] but was able to
make his escape after an attempt by other lackeys of Cigarette Smoking Man
to eliminate him. [ Paper Clip] Krycek inexplicably escaped from being
trapped in a missile silo in North Dakota [Apocrypha], and fed Mulder
information leading him to Tunguska and a search for the secrets of rock
supposedly from the "meteorite" that struck the area back in the early
1900s. [Tunguska, Terma]. Krycek lost his left arm escaping villagers who
were trying to help him from being a test subject at the Russian chain gang
excavating rock from Tunguska. [Terma]. He also appears to be a Soviet
double agent [Terma] with an agenda different from his former boss, the
Cigarette Smoking Man.

[Seasons 2, 3,4] "X" (Steven Williams), an acquaintance of Deep Throat, is
even more mysterious than his predecessor. X's information is even more
reluctantly shared. Mulder is able to contact X by taping an X to his front
window and shining a light through it [One Breath; Colony; End Game]. He
also kidnapped a scientist with vitally powerful information concerning an
illicit experiment. [Soft Light.] X appeared to be involved with Cigarette
Smoking Man's covert operations group, although he seemed to be working at
cross purposes. He was discovered and killed on Mulder's doorstep

[Seasons 2, 3] Melissa Scully (Melinda McGraw), Scully's older sister,
stood by Scully while she was comatose following her return from being
abducted [One Breath]. Melissa was fatally shot by Krycek when she arrived
at Scully's apartment [The Blessing Way] and died a few days later. [Paper
Clip] The investigation into her murder has been dropped.

[Seasons 2, 3, 4] Mrs. Mulder (Rebecca Toolan), Mulder's mother, has
admitted to some knowledge of her divorced -- now deceased -- husband's
activities with the State Department [Paper Clip], and apparently has had
an intimate relationship with the Cigarette Smoking Man [Talitha Cumi]. She
is also aware of the weapon that kills alien clones [Talitha Cumi]. She
lives on Martha's Vineyard. In the third season finale she suffered a
stroke and was in a coma until she was healed by alien means at Cigarette
Smoking Man's direction [Herrenvolk]. Because of her stroke, she may or may
not remember events from Mulder's childhood regarding her relationship with
the CSM [Demons].

[Seasons 3, 4] Well-Manicured Man (John Neville) is the head of a powerful
consortium to whom Cigarette Smoking Man answers. Although he appeared to
Mulder and Scully to be an ally, he is most likely working at cross
purposes to theirs. He also was masterminding a research project dealing
with a strange extraterrestrial life form found in rock in Tunguska, Russia
[Tunguska, Terma], which has since ended thanks to intervention by Krycek
and Mulder.

[Seasons 3,4] Gray-Haired Man (Morris Panych) is a henchman for the
Consortium, who is usually sent out to kill various people working at odds
with the Consortium, specifically with Cigarette Smoking Man [Piper Maru,
Avatar, Herrenvolk, Memento Mori]

[Seasons 3, 4] Agent Pendrell (Brendan Beiser) is an FBI scientist who is a
frequent resource for Mulder and Scully. He also has a crush on Scully.
[Herrenvolk, Teliko, Terma] He was killed when he stepped in front of a
bullet made for Scully and a Marine officer. [Tempus Fugit, Max]

[Season 4] Marita Covarrubias (Laurie Holden) is an assistant to the
special representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations.
Based in New York City, Mulder was directed to her by X. She has helped
Mulder in some of his cases by obtaining information and documents for him.
[Teliko, Tunguska, Unrequited] She has been shown to be working for
Cigarette Smoking Man. [Zero Sum]

/Deep Background-Chris Carter/
Chris Carter, 37, began his career as a screenwriter in 1985 at The Walt
Disney Studios. Previously, Carter, who has a journalism degree from Cal
State - Long Beach, had been working as a freelance journalist, writing and
traveling extensively abroad. At Disney, Carter wrote and produced several
television movies in addition to the television pilot _Cameo by Night_ for
NBC and _The Nanny_, a sitcom for The Disney Channel. He took a short leave
of absence from Disney to co-produce the second season of the comedy series
_Rags to Riches_, starring Joe Bologna, and returned in 1989 to create and
executive produce "Brand New Life," a recurring comedy series which ran as
part of a rotating schedule on Disney's Sunday night lineup. [Fox press
packet for _X Files_]
Carter's favorite X Files episodes so far are: Beyond the Sea,
Colony/End Game, Duane Barry, Sleepless, and Fresh Bones. (AOL X Files
conference March 94). He appeared as an FBI agent questioning Scully
[Anasazi] and has done the voiceovers at the beginnings of multipart
episodes [The Blessing Way / Paper Clip].
Carter is also producing another series, "Millennium," also for Fox
Television. Monica Vallejo ( is running a Millennium
mailing list.

/Deep Background - David Duchovny/
David Duchovny, 34, is probably best known for his memorable role as the
transvestite detective Dennis/Denise in the television series "Twin Peaks."
A native New Yorker, Duchovny graduated from Princeton University and then
earned a graduate degree in English literature at Yale University,
preparing for a career as a teacher. While at Yale, he began commuting to
New York to study acting as a background to screenwriting and was soon
appearing in off-Broadway plays. In 1987, in the midst of his doctoral
studies, he left Yale to pursue acting full time.
Duchovny (pronounced doo-kuv'-nee), 6'1" tall, was born August 7, 1960.
His parents, Amran (a publicist for the American Jewish Committee) and
Margaret (an elementary school teacher) divorced when he was 11. He has one
brother, Daniel, and a sister, Laurie. He resides in Malibu, Calif. [Fox
press packet for _X Files_ and _People_ magazine, April 18, 1994 issue]. On
May 6, 1997, he married actress Tea [acute accent over e] Leoni in New York
A FAQ on Duchovny kept by Kellie Matthews-Simmons
( and Sarah Stegall (
There are various "hormone brigades" devoted to Duchovny. The David
Duchovny Estrogen Brigade (DDEB) mail list and its sister group the DDEB-2
list are both full. You can still join the Duchovniks list by sending the
message "Subscribe duchovny-L " to
The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade web page is located at
The Duchovniks home page is located at

New Years Day 1988
Working Girl 1988
Bad Influence 1988, 1989
"Twin Peaks" 1990
The Rapture 1991
Julia Has Two Lovers 1991
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 1991
Denial 1991
Venice/Venice 1992
Ruby 1992
"Red Shoe Diaries" 1992--present
Chaplin 1992
Beethoven 1992
"Baby Snatcher" 1992
Kalifornia 1993
"The X Files" 1993-present
"The Simpsons" (cartoon) 1997
Playing God 1997

/Deep Background - Gillian Anderson/
Gillian (pronounced jill'-ee-an) Anderson first gained recognition as an
actresss for her off-Broadway performance in Alan Ayckbourne's "Absent
Friends" at the Manhattan Theater Club, for which she won a Theatre World
Award. Her love of theater began in high school where she participated in
community theater. In college, Anderson studied with the National Theater
of Great Britain at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., and then at the
Goodman Theater School at Chicago's DePaul University, where she obtained
her BFA degree.
Anderson, 5' 2" tall, was born August 9, 1968 and lives in Los Angeles.
[Fox press packet for _X Files_] She is separated from former _X Files_
art director Clyde Klotz, and gave birth to a daughter, Piper, on Sept. 25,
She is not related in any way to Jo Anderson who appeared as Diana in
the television show _Beauty and the Beast_. Nor is she the woman
salesperson that appears in the Saturn commercials.
A FAQ on Anderson has been put together by Alan Sawyer, You can read this FAQ on the following home
There is also a GA mail list: Send e-mail to with the message "Subscribe ." If you have
problems subscribing, contact
The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade home page is at
The Gillian Anderson Web-Site with many Gillian Anderson links is at

Home Fires Burning 1992
"Class of '96" (8th ep.) 1993
"The X Files" 1993-present
"Exit to Eden" (audiotape) 1993
"Ground Zero" (audiotape) 1995
"Reboot" (cartoon) 1995
"The Simpsons" (cartoon) 1997
Hellcab 1997
The Mighty 1998

X FILE 11291093

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X Links Central --
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The area also has many online resources including the Episode Guide,
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The AOL X Files Fan Forum is hosted by Jerry Jones,,
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There is an X Files MUSH at port 7777.

X FILE 11291093

Part 4 of 5 11/1/97

/The Pregnancy/
Although actress Gillian Anderson was pregnant during the latter part of
first season and the early part of second season, her condition was not
reflected in the show's scripts. Anderson appeared in the first six
episodes of second season and was written purposely out of the seventh. She
returned in the eighth episode, "One Breath." The production company filmed
"creatively" to disguise the pregnancy.
Anderson gave birth to a daughter, Piper, on Sept. 25, 1994.

*Wearing Apparel etc.*
A variety of licensed merchandise is available: hats, mugs, innumerable
t-shirts, posters, key chains, and an embroidered jacket, among other

Suncoast Pictures, a video chain that carries related media merchandise, is
carrying some of the above items; look for the store in a city near you.
:-) In addition, these items have been found at another media chain,
Musicland/Sam Goody stores, and in comics and t-shirt shops.

Starland not only is carrying a variety of officially-licensed T-shirts,
hats, posters, mugs, and magazines, but is showcasing their merchandise in
a zine called "The X Factor!" This zine has information about the show as
well as color photos of the merchandise. To get on their mailing list,
e-mail your snail mail address to, with in the
subject heading. You can call with questions to 303 / 671-8735, order
merchandise by calling 1-800-733-8735 (faxing to 303-671-0302) or sending
your order snail mail to Starland, P.O. Box 24590, Denver, CO 80224-2590.
Order hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. They also have a Website
which containst their X Files catalog:

Orion Traders carries a wide variety of X-Files merchandise, including over
twenty different t-shirt designs (both embroidered and printed), polo
shirts, sweatshirts, lettermen's jackets, hats, posters, photographs, and
mugs. They also carry the X-Files novels and comic books, as well as
current magazines.They accept VISA, MasterCard, or Discover, as well as
check or money order. Though they do not produce a catalog, they do have a
merchandise list that can be mailed out to people. They can be reached via
their toll-free number at 888-88-SCI-FI, "local" phone or fax at
916/966-7447, or snail-mail at 10139 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, CA
95628. They also have a Website at

Mail order company 800-TREKKER has T-shirts, caps, mugs, and the X Files
novel, and other UFO-related merchandise. They can be reached at
1-800-TREKKER (fax 1-800-FAX TREK), or through their web page at

Time Warner's Viewer's Edge, is offering an X File shirt and cap (different
from Suncoast offerings). They can be reached at P.O. Box 3925, Milford, CT
06460; phone 1-800-947-3928 (24 hours a day) or (fax) 1-203-876-8234.

Mere Mortals is a company that has put together a group of _X Files_
related merchandise, such as hats, mugs, shirts, comics, and limited run
posters. For their catalog, send one dollar to Brent Lilley: Mere Mortals,
350 S. Tustin Ave., Orange, CA 92666.

CPG Direct offers autographed photos of Duchovny and Anderson. Each photo
is guaranteed to be hand autographed by the star, includes a certificate of
authenticity, has an unconditional 30-day Money Back guarantee, comes
double matted and ready for framing, and is 11 x 14 in size. A black metal
custom frame is also available. Price is $50 each, with a %5.95 shipping
fee. Framing is an additiona $25 extra. Checks, money orders, Visa,
Mastercard, American Express, Discover accepted.
Their address is CPG Direct, Dep-SE, P.O. Box 1020, Valley Cottage, NY
10989; or call in an order at 1-800,392-3075 (24 hour phone lines)

TV Merchandise ( sells a variety of X Files material,
including shirts, hats, mugs, clocks, calendars, photos, trading cards,
scripts, key chains, posters, postcards, and more. They accept all major
credit cards and checks on line. For more information see their web site at

In the U.K., Escape Comic Books (7, Cheapside; Reading; Berkshire; RG1 7AG;
UK) has access to a lot of X Files merchandise. (They're next door to the
Odeon Cinema, says UK X-Phile Steve Robson).Their phone number is

Other U.K. merchandise sources are the (famous) Forbidden Planet, New
Oxford Street, London; and The Vintage Magazine Company, 39/43 Brewer
Street, London, NW1. Both stores apparently have mail order sections.

Posters are also available from Rick's Movie Graphics, P.O. Box 23709,
Gainesville, FL 32602-3709; phone 904-373-7202. This is *not* the "I Want
To Believe" poster from Mulder's office; that was a special one made for
the show and is not available.

Scripts and photographs are also available through Hollywood Script
Library, 8033 Sunset Blvd. Suite 982, Dept. N, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Original novels are being published by HarperPrism.
The first two X Files books were written by noted horror/fantasy writer
Charles L. Grant. The first X Files book was _The X Files: Goblins_, ISBN
0-06-105414-3. The second book is entitled _Whirlwind_, ISBN 0-06-105415-1.
An announced third book from Grant, _Hunter_, was dropped from the
Kevin J. Anderson, most known for his Star Wars: Jedi Academy books,
will be taking over as writer of the X Files novels. His first novel
"Ground Zero" is out in hardcover, and will be available in July in
paperback. The ISBN number for the hardcover is 0-06-05223X; cost is
$20.The audiocassette of this book is read by Gillian Anderson herself.
Cost is $17, ISBN is 06-945-1620-1.
Anderson's second X Files novel, "Ruins,"is available. The ISBN number
is 0-06-105247-7; the audiocasette version, read by Mitch Pileggi, is ISBN
is 0-69451-688-0.
A third X Files novel by Anderson, "Antibodies," is now available.

Two series of paperbacks based on the episodes aimed at a younger (10 and
older) audience are out in the children's sections of your local bookstore,
or directly from HarperCollins. Check out their web page at
One series, aimed at the 10 year old and older, has these offerings:
#1 - "X Files: X Marks The Spot" (based on the script for the pilot),
ISBN 006440613x; W: Les Martin
#2 - "X Files: Darkness Falls," ISBN 0064406148; W: L. Martin
#3 - "X Files: Tiger, Tiger" (based on "Fearful Symmetry"), ISBN
0-06-440626-1. W: L. Martin.
#4 - "X Files: Squeeze," ISBN 0-06-105247-7. W: Ellen Steiber
#5 - "X Files: Humbug," ISBN 0-06-440627-X, W: L. Martin
#6 - "X Files: Shapes," ISBN 0-06-440633-4. W: E. Steiber.
#7 - "X Files: Fear" (based on "Blood"), ISBN 0-06-4406423. W: L.
#8 - "X Files: Voltage (based on "D.P.O."), ISBN 0-06-440643-1. W: E.
#9 - "X Files: E.B.E," ISBN 0-06-440653-9. W: L. Martin
#10 - "X Files: Die, Bug, Die!" (based on "War of the Coprophages")
ISBN: 0-06-440671-7. W: L. Martin
#11 - "X Files: Ghost in the Machine," ISBN 0-06-440678-4. W: L. Martin
A second series, aimed at an older youth audience (teenagers?), has
these novelizations based on the series episodes:
#1 - "The Calusari," ISBN 0-06-447171-3. W: Garth Nix
#2 - "Eve," ISBN 0-06-44717201. W: Ellen Steiber
#3 - "Bad Sign" (based on the episode "Syzygy"), ISBN: 0-06-447170-5. W:
Easton Royce.
#4 - "Our Town," ISBN 0-06-447175-6. W: Easton Royce
#5 - "Empathy" (based on the episode "Oubliette"). W: Ellen Steiber
#6 - "Fresh Bones." W: Les Martin

HarperCollins had come out with _The Truth Is Out There: The X Files
Companion_, dealing with the various aspects of the show. The ISBN is
0-06-105330-9. The second volume, called "Trust No One" and covering third
season X Files, is out. ISBN is 0-06-105353-8. The third volume, covering
fourth season X Files, is called "I Want To Believe" and is now due out in
January. Author is Andy Meisler.
A second nonfiction book, published by Crown and called _The Unofficial
X Files Companion_ (with a second volume), is available. Author is Ngaire
Genge. A third nonfiction book, _The X-Files Book of the Unexplained:
Volume 1_ and _Volume 2_, are available. Author is Jane Goldman.
There are also other unofficial trivia and information books available.

Information on X Files filming locations in Vancouver can be found in a
book called "Reel Vancouver," by Ken MacIntyre, published by Whitecap

Topps Comics publishes an _X Files_ comic book. The first three issues are
collector's items and a compilation of these, as well as reprints, have
been released. Following issues have also appeared individually as well as
in compilations. [Topps Copics is an arm of the baseball-card company, and
currently produce comic books based on other TV and movie characters as
well as the usual superheroes.] The current issue is 31.
Mark Martinez keeps an X Files comics update, which can be found at
Topps has released three sets of X Files trading cards. Complete sets,
which features illustrations and information from each seasons, contain 72
regular cards, foil parallel versions of those cards, 6 etched foil comic
cover cards, and 4 chromium photo cards. Prices of individual 9-card
packets and boxes vary.
The third edition of a new Official X Files magazine is on the
newstands. It is also available from the publisher, MVP Media, 1920
Highland Aave., Suite 220, Lombard, IL 60148. Cost is $5.95 ($6.95 for
Canada) and $2.00 shipping (all in U.S. funds). The Topps company
published two issues of an earlier official magazine.

Fox has released episodes from the first season on tape to the U.S. and
Canadian markets. The pilot and "Deep Throat" are on the first video,
"Conduit" and "Ice" on the second, and "Fallen Angel" and "Eve" on the
In September 96, three more tapes were released: "Squeeze"/"Tooms",
"Beyond the Sea"/"E.B.E.", and "Darkness Falls"/"Erlenmeyer Flask."
In February 97, Fox released "Little Green Men"/ "The Host,"
"Sleepless"/ "Duane Barry," and "Ascension"/ "One Breath."
In May97, Fox released "Humbug"/ "Anasazi," "Colony"/ "End Game," and
"Irresistible"/ "Die Hand Die Verletzt.
On Sept. 30, Fox released "The Blessing Way"/ "Paper Clip," "Clyde
Bruckman's Final Repose"/ "War of the Coprophages," and "Nisei"/ "731."
#The next video release will include: "Piper Maru"/ "Apocrypha,"
"Pusher"/ "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space,'" and "Wetwired"/ "Talitha
Cumi." The release date is unknown.#

The show has also been released on video and laser disk in various
countries around the world, with various combinations different from the
U.S. releases. Please contact video/laserdisk retailers in your country for
more specific information, or the Official X Files Website at

An X Files "contributed" CD, "Songs in the Key of X," with music from
various groups and singers and a song co-written by Chris Carter, has been
produced by Don Was and is available.

Mark Snow's X Files soundtrack CD was released in October 1996. Music
director Mark Snow has written the music for 63 movies or miniseries, 7
movies, and 13 television shows (themes and/or episode music), including
_Starsky and Hutch_ ('70s television series), _In the Line of Fire_
(movie), -_Born to be Wild_ (movie), _Children of the Dust_ (TV
miniseries), and _Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All_ (TV
miniseries), and Chris Carter's _Millennium_, among others.

An X Files phone card is available in the U.S. In the UK, 5 official UK X
Files phone cards were released earlier this year by a company called
Broadsystems Venture Ltd. (phone -- 0990 200 680). Each cones in an
individual folder and shows a different design, with one closely resembling
the U.S. design, and they retail for 8.95 UK pounds or 39.95 pounds for all

Genesis and SNES game cartridges are being planned for a future release.

Landmark's 1998 calendar will be available soon; ISBN is 0-06-757486-6
(cost is $11.95), and the desk diary's ISBN is 0-06-757485-8 (cost is $15).
X Files postcard books are also available.

The X Files Collectible Card Game is a 360 card deck, available as a
60-card starter deck and 15-card booster packs. Special cards will be
available in game magazines. NXT Games, the originator of the game,was
bought up by the U.S. Playing Card Company. The USPCC has since
discontinued the game and its website.

Collector statuettes of the Flukeman and the Abducted Smoking Alien have
been created and is being sold through Dark Horse. The 5000-statue limited
runs are priced at $125 wholesale plus shipping and handling. For
information call 1-800-862-0562.

The long-expected X Files CD game is expected in 1998.

/Fan Clubs/

*Official Fan Clubs*
Creation Entertainment is sponsoring The Official X Files Fan Club in the
U.S. For information contact them at 818 / 409-0960, or send a SASE to them
at 411 N. Central Ave., #300, Glendale, CA 91203.

A Creation UK X Files fan club is being arranged.

In Australia, Photon Productions sponsors the official fan club. Contact
them at: X Files Fan Club - Australia, c/o Photon Productions, G.P.O. Box
2067, Sydney 2001, Australia, or call them at 800-67-1701.

In Italy, write to The Official X Files Fan Club, 2 Piazza Risorgimento,
00041 Abano Lazale (Roma), Italia.

In France, write to The Official X Files Fan Club, 93, av du. General
Leclerc, 75014 PARIS, FRANCE, or call them at

*Unofficial Fan Clubs*
The fan-run X-Files Fan Club was formed with the sanction of 20th Century
Fox and Ten Thirteen Productions in March 1994. A year's subscription is
$20 ($30 Canadian). The fan club, a nonprofit organization, produces a
newsletter/magazine containing news, interviews, pictures, episode guides,
bibliographic information, more information on topics brought up in the
show, and other items. Although net-fandom will be well represented (one
section of the newsletter will be called "The Buzz from the Net"), the
newsletter is targeted at general fandom.
Submissions are welcome! Electronic newsletter submissions may be sent
to A postscript version of the fan club
membership application may be ftp'd from; the file is
For more information, send a SASE to:
X Files Fan Club, P.O. Box 3138, Nashau, NH 03061-3138 or
X Files Fan Club, c/o S. Bartle, 4404 Perry St., Vancouver, BC Canada
V5N 3X5

There are two X Files fan clubs in Australia.
One can be reached by writing to: The X Files Fan Club of Australia,
P.O. Box 402, Niddrie Vic. 3042.
The other can be reached by writing to 11:21 -- the X-Files Fan Club of
Australia, c/o Andrew Parkinson. Flat 2/10, Roseglen Street, Green Slopes,
QLD 4120, Australia.

There is a UK X Files fan club, reachable at: The X-Files UK Fan Club, P.O.
Box 34, Liskeard, PL14 3YX. Membership is 14.95 UK pounds, and includes a
special X Files pack containing a pen, keyring, and a membership card
giving discounts on selected X Files merchandise. You will also receive a
regular copy of X-Encounters, the official magazine of the UK Fan Club,
plus an X Files T-Shirt which is not available anywhere else in the world.

*Fanzines *

NOTE: All listed fanzines are not-for-profit amateur publications and are
not meant to infringe on copyrights held by Twentieth Century Fox, Ten
Thirteen Productions, Chris Carter, or any other media orgainzations

Because all of the fanzine information I had was from 1994, I am removing
all of it, since I suspect most of it is outdated. If you *are* a fanzine
editor, please e-mail me with current information. Karen Nicholas has a
media fanzinie website which does have X Files fanzine listings. Check it
out at

There is a British Fanzine called Genetix, that deals with the X Files,
basketball, and the general sci-fi scene. Price is 1 pound British. For
information contact

"Wrapped in Plastic" (a Twin Peaks fanzine) devoted a full issue to the X
Files in August. The 40-page issue contained a complete episode guide with
commentary and analysis, map of the U.S. showing where each episode took
place, and an interview with Gillian Anderson.
The first printing sold out, and a second printing was done. WIP #12 is
available from: Win-Mill Productions, 1912 E. Timberview Lane, Arlington,
TX 76014. Cost is $6 ($5 plus $1 postage).


"X-Talk" is an X Files letterzine whose first issue premiered in September
1994. A 4-issue subscription will run $10, checks payable to Marg Baskin.
Letters may be typed or on disks (WordPerfect 6.0/5.1/5.0, WordStar
6.0/4.0/3.3, or ASCII, 3.5 in. or 5.25 high or low density); label disks as
they will be returned with your issue. Address letters, inquiries (include
a SASE), or suggestions to Anime House Press, c/o Marg Baskin and Heather
Bruton, 28 Woolwich St. S., Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA N2K 1R9. (They are
accessible via e-mail at marg@asd.raytheon.CA)

Donna Bakke puts out a newsletter "Tap On Line," A Newsletter for Extreme
Possibilities. For information contact her at 7351 Wellington Ave.,
University City, MO.

Also available is an X Files newsletter out of the UK called "Conduit," run
by Amanda Smith, which comes out 6 times a year. In addition to the
newsletter, subscribers receive a laminated card of your choice (a named
I.D. card with either Mulder, Scully, or blank photo; FBI Visitors badge;
or a Pentagon badge). Additional members at the same address cost an extra
UK pound (includes another badge of your choice). Members also have access
to an X Files merchandise list, trading card exchange, and library.
Costs are: UK members - 8 UKpounds; Eire & Europe - 9.50UKP; USA &
Canada - 15 UKP; other areas on request. For information contact Conduit,
13, Armour Place, Linwood, Renfrewshire, PA3 3DR, Scotland, UK.
Subscription forms are available by sending an SAE (with IRC if from
outside the UK) to the above address. For further information contact
Gareth Burge at

Toni Johns is looking for submissions for a new publication called "The
Unauthorised X Files Newsletter," which will contain a variety of articles
of all sorts, fiction and nonfiction. Material should include name and
snail mail address, and should be sent via e-mail to:;; or; or via
snail mail to: Toni Johns, 1721 S. Burnside Avenue #103, Los Angeles, CA
90019, USA. Please send your questions to Robert (the Australian staffer)

FoxFire is a monthly X-Files newsletter. For more information about
subscribing check out You will
also find access to free X-Files images that you can download.

No conventions are currently scheduled.

/Miscellaneous information/

Fox and Ten Thirteen Productions will be releasing a big-screen X Files
movie to come out summer of 1998. This movie is expected to resolve the
cliffhanger to Season 5.

Chris Carter's new FBI drama, "Millennium," airs at 9 p.m. Eastern Friday
nights. Former X Files executive producers/writers Glen Morgan and James
Wong will be supervising the show during its second season.

There is a list of Mulderisms and Scullyisms being kept by Samuel Ziegler
( and is available through his X Files homepage (listed with
FTP Sites and Home Pages) If you cannot access the Web, or wish to submit
entries to the lists, please e-mail him.

Kymberlee Ricke keeps a "Netpickers Guide to the X Files." For information
about the Netpickers' list, e-mail her at

Numbers: The number 11:21 that continues to appear on digital clocks in the
show is a salute by Chris Carter to his wife, whose birthday is November
21. Ten Thirteen Productions was named after Carter's own birthday, October

Guns: Mulder and Scully have used a variety of guns in their X Files
travails, but they currently brandish Sig Sauer P228s. Mulder's ankle gun
is a Sig Sauer 230, .380 caliber.

Mulder taped an "x" to his apartment window when he wants to signal the
deep-cover agent X for information. He signaled Deep Throat during first
season by shining a blue light out the window.

Mulder has been shot twice: critically, in the upper femur in Beyond the
Sea, not so seriously in the left shoulder by Scully to keep him from
killing Krycek [Anasazi]; Scully has been shot once, in the chest (though
she was wearing her protective vest at the time), in Young at Heart.

Mulder and Scully have been quarantined three times after potential contact
with an infectious organism -- at the end of the episodes Ice, Darkness
Falls, and Firewalker.

Mulder has lost time in the Pilot (9 minutes), Deep Throat (undetermined),
E.B.E. (undetermined), Little Green Men (undetermined), and Max. Scully has
lost time in the Pilot (9 minutes), E.B.E. (undetermined), Ascension/One
Breath (approximately 3 months)., and Max (9 minutes).

Scully's FBI ID number is 2317-616. Her home phone number is (202)
555-6431, [Ghost in the Machine.], and her cellular phone number is
555-3564 [Sleepless]. Her apartment number is #35. Her X File number (given
to the file began after her abduction [Duane Barry]) is 73317.

Scully and Mulder met for the first time on March 6, 1992 X.T. (X Files
Time) [Pilot].

Mulder's address is 42-2630 Hegal Place, Alexandria, VA 23242. [Small
Potatoes] He has a computer at home, and his password is TRUSTNO1. He was a
fan of the television show "The Magician" as a child. [Little Green Men].
His badge number is JTT047101111. His phone number is 555-0199.

The "saying" at the end of the opening credits, The Truth Is Out There, has
changed seven times:
Trust No One -- in Erlemneyer Flask, episode 1X23.
Deny Everything -- in Ascension, episode 2X06
EI 'AANIIGOO 'AHOOT'E (The Truth Is Out There in Navajo) -- in Anasazi,
episode 2X25.
Apology is Policy -- in 731, episode 3X10
Everything Dies -- in Herrenvolk, episode 4X01.
Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate. - in Teliko, episode 4X04
E Pur Si Muove ("but it does move," attributed to Galileo) -- in Terma,
Believe the Lie -- in Gesthemane, 4X24.

Ten Thirteen's production crew has had cameos (names and bodies) in various
episodes. First Assistant Director Tom Braidwood appeared as _Lone Gunman_
photographer Frohike in "E.B.E.", "Blood," "One Breath," "Fearful
Symmetry," "Anasazi," "Paperclip," "Nisei," "Apocrypha," "Wetwired," and
(voice only) "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man," and his name was used as
the person taking over Howard Graves's parking spot in "Shadows" and as
Mulder's alias to get into the secured government compound in Washington
State in "E.B.E." Ken Kirzinger, stunt coordinator, appeared as Richter in
"Ice." Hair Stylist Malcolm Marsden's name was used for the British PM in
"Fire." Vladimir Stefoff, First Assistant Director, had his name (as Val
Stefoff) used as Scully's alias to get into the compound in "E.B.E."
Creator Chris Carter appeared in "The Erlenmeyer Flask" as an FBI agent
(the third one) grilling Scully. Former story editor Darin Morgan appeared
as the fluke creature in "Blood," and Eddie van Blundht in "Small

Story ideas: _The X Files_, like almost all network TV shows, does not
accept unsolicited scripts or story ideas. If you have them, you will need
to get yourself an agent to submit them to the show. Story ideas or scripts
sent to the show unagented will be returned or tossed in the trash.
Currently, X Files is not accepting any outside scripts or story ideas. All
stories are generated and assigned "in-house" among the staff writers.
Ideas, scripts, and stories can be posted for other fans' enjoyment to
the newsgroup, or in a variety of e-mail groups.
Stories are kept in the Gossamer achives at,
and a number of other independent archives. Information on how and where to
post to the newsgroup is found in the FAQ at that site.

X FILE 11291093

Part 5 of 5 11/1//97

Here are Real Frequently Asked Questions from


Q: Where do you find the titles to the episodes?
A: The episode titles are posted to the official X Files web site
(, usually a month or so before the episode airs,
sometimes earlier. Some people who have "insider" connections at Ten
Thirteen are able to get the episode titles earlier, and they post them to
the newsgroup. The titles DO NOT appear in the nationally-published TV
Guide. They DO NOT appear in the episodes. Your local paper's television
listings may give the episode title.

Q: Is that Scully in the Saturn car commercial?
A: No, that is another actress. Gillian Anderson has never done a national

Q: Where can I get one of those cool flashlights Mulder and Scully use?
A: The flashlights are those used by rescue personnel (police, fire,
ambulance, etc.) and have a specialized light using xenon gas. It's called
the Lite Box and cost $150-200. Check a Web search engine for flashlight
distributors for specifics.

Q: Where can I get the "I Want To Believe" poster in Mulder's office?
A: The Official X Files Club run by Creation gives a poster away with a
membership. This is the onlyl source for the official poster.

Q: Is there a Web site for the X Files? the FAQ?
A: The X Files web site is at There is also a list of
Frequently Asked Questions. The Internet FAQ kept by Pat Gonzales can be
seen at Mike Quigley's/Mr. Gigabyte's web site, Barbara Reuf keeps an explanation of the
mythology arc, Ketchup on the X Files, as well as the Newbie Info Kiosk, at Also, Tiny Dancer keeps an
extensive Episode Guide at

Q: Where can I get [fill in your favorite merchandise here]?
A: You can look for merchandise at your local Suncoast, Musicland/Sam
Goody, science fiction, or comic book store, or other local venue that
carries television/movie merchandise. For specific information on mail
order sites, see the XF FAQ-Part 4, Miscellaneous.

Q: Is that DD doing those (beer) (phone) commmercials?
A: David Duchovny has done voiceovers for Labatt's beer and a New York
phone company.

Q: How do I get in touch with Chris Carter / Ten Thirteen / the X Files
writers? I have a great idea for a show....
A: The X Files does not accept unsolicited ideas / scripts. They have more
than enough in-house ideas from their writers. If you want to write for X
Files, you need to have a sample script submitted by an agent, and be able
to suggest at least a half dozen other story ideas to the show. However, X
Files has been flooded with spec scripts to look at, and are not accepting
any more submissions.
Ideas, scripts, and stories can be posted for other fans' enjoyment to
the newsgroup or to one of a number of e-mail
groups set up for this purpose. Stories are kept in the Gossamer achives at and at a number of independent websites
throughout the Web. Information on how and where to post to the newsgroup
is found in the FAQ at that site.

Q: What guns do Mulder and Scully *really* use?
A: Sig Sauer P228s.

Q: Why does Mulder have an X taped to his window?
A: This was to signal the deep contact known as X, played by Steven

Q: Are the X Files based on real FBI X files?
A: No. The pilot episode was based on a reportedly true event, but the FBI
denies the existence of any "X files."

Q: Where do the writers get their ideas?
A: Various X Files episodes have been based on news reports of real life
bizarre events. The writers also read many magazines and books to mine for

Q: Do DD and GA believe in UFOs?
A: Anderson is reportedly a believer; Duchovny is not, but is open to

Q: What is the significance of 11:21?
A: This is a reference to Chris Carter's wife's birthday.

Q: What is the significance of 10-13 (Ten Thirteen)?
A: This is a reference to Chris Carter's birthday.

Q: Gee, they changed "The Truth Is Out There" at the end of the opening
credits! Have they ever done that before?
A: The words in the last shot in the opening credits has changed seven
times: first season, in Erlenmeyer Flask; second season, in Ascension and
Anasazi; in third season, 731; in fourth season, Herrenvolk, Teliko, Terma,
and Gesthemane.

Q: Where can I find an X Files font? X Files related screensavers?
A: Try the X Zone Artists Studio at
The syndication website at also
has a screensaver that can be downloaded.

Q: Whose photos are on Skinner's office wall?
A: The attorney general and the President of the United States, who are
Janet Reno and Bill Clinton, respectively.

Q: What was the opening song in "D.P.O."?
A: James, "Ring the Bells" (from the album "Alternative NRG").

Q: (Regarding the fourth season cliffhanger) Is Mulder dead?
A: We don't know. You'll have to find out like the rest of us! However,
since Mulder does appear in the big-screen movie to be released next
summer, it would be safe to assume that what occurred is a hoax or some
sort of deception.

Q: I heard a rumor that The X Files has been cancelled!
A: The X Files has not been cancelled. It is Fox's most popular show. It
will definitely have a fifth season. Its fate beyond that has yet to be

Q: Will The X Files end after fifth season?
A: This has yet to be decided. Chris Carter's contract with Fox goes
through Season 5, but he has indicated that he may stay on.

Q: Is X Files going into syndication?
A: The X Files is shown 8 p.m. and 11 p.m Eastern Monday through Friday on
the cable station FX, owned by 20th Century Fox. It is also in local
weekend syndication at various stations throughout the. To find out about
information for your area check out the local syndication website at (try passwords trustno1, cigarette
smoking man, and astadourian).

#Q: What was the poem that Mulder spoke in "The Field Where I Died"?
#A: "Paracelsus" by Robert Browning. Mulder's lines were only part of the
poem, which is very long. Check it out at your local library.

#Q: I'm going to Vancouver! Where can I find out where X Files has filmed?
#A: "Reel Vancouver" by Ken MacIntyre (Whitecap Books: 1996) gives very
detailed information about filming locations for the first three seasons.

#Q: Why are episodes 5X02 and 5X03 being shown before 5X01?
#A: The numbers of the episode are *production tracking numbers,* not
airing order numbers. Each script is given a production number as it begins
its path through production. Episodes can air in any order that Ten
Thirteen Productions or Fox Television wishes.

#Q: My question wasn't answered here! How do I find out what I want to
#A: You can check out the Official Site FAQ
(, check the many X Files websites
(try your favorite search engine), or you can post your quesiton to the newsgroup.

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